China Airlines Name Change Policy

Changing the name on your flight ticket is very important and crucial. It is a must that your name matches exactly with the name mentioned on your passport. Many passengers mistype or incorrectly enter their names while booking their tickets online. However, China Airlines lets you correct a letter in your name for a few times. Read further to know name-changing steps and how many times you can do it on the Chained Airlines ticket.

You Can Change Letters In Your Name For Following Times:

  • Title: 4 letters
  • First name: 4 letters
  • Last name: 2 letters

Steps To Modify Name On China Airlines Tickets

  • Go to the China Airlines official website
  • Scroll to the Manage tab in the header and then select the “Booking Inquiry / Change Flight” option
  • Enter the passenger’s last name, first name, and Reservation number and click on next
  • Now, select the booking in which you want to make name modification and save the changes

In case, you want to completely change your name then you’ll have to re-book the flight reservations with the correct name. Also, you’ll have to cancel your previous booking and apply for a refund and collect refund charges. Hope this article on how to change the name on China Airlines has been helpful to you. For more information, you can tact to China Airlines customer services.

How can you change the name in China Eastern Airlines?

China is one of the most developed countries across Asia with a strong economy. Apart from building the country’s economy and infrastructure, it has also evolved as one of the major destinations of tourism. Hence if you want to travel somewhere new you can try flying to China and can book flight tickets in China Eastern Airlines and enjoy your journey. But suppose while booking tickets you have made a mistake in the passenger’s name then China Airlines can allow rectifying it. To know more about how you can rectify your name and change it follow the below steps of china Eastern Airlines name change policy.

Steps to change the name in China Eastern Airlines name change policy:

  •  To change name, date, or time of flight you can call upon reservation helpline number and request them for changing your flight details
  •  You can also go on the airline’s website and click on the manage booking option and request for changes on change reservation Option
  •  Depending upon the type of ticket there are charges applied on reservation changes
  •  Although there is not direct changing accessibility given by China Eastern Airlines hence enter the details carefully

And you are done with the steps to change the name on the flight ticket. In case of any further doubt contact customer support.

What is China Airlines Manage My Booking?

Steps To Manage Your Booking 

  • Open the China Airlines site and snap my excursions segment.
  •  Provide reservation code and last name of traveler to recover your booked flights.
  •  If you have a record with them at that point just sign in to your China Airlines account.
  •  Your booked flight rundown will open select a specific trip to view subtleties or in the event that you wish, at that point apply a qualified change to your flight.
  •  Changes permitted to apply from China Airlines oversee booking.
  •  You can see your flight subtleties and alter if any of your own detail is filled wrong.
  •  You can choose a favored seat from my outings.
  •  You can change or drop your departure from my outings.
  •  You can include additional help in your booked flight like additional stuff and so forth.
  •  You can include a unique supper from my outings.

What Is China Airlines Cancellation/Refund Policy?

:- Cancellation made inside the 24 hours from the hour of appointments is qualified for full discount. Be that as it may, booking administration charges won't be discounted on certain flights.

:- To get the refund, you will need to submit the refund form available on the official website of China Airlines.

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