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How To Change Name On The Allegiant Air Flight

How do you change name on the Allegiant Air flight?

Do you want to know about changing name on Allegiant Air flight tickets? Any person can confront sudden emergency that is unavoidable and due to the same they might need to change flight tickets. Allegiant Air has a genuine policy for allowing the passengers to apply change on a booked flight with them. Flight change policy of Allegiant Air also include the rules for changing name on a ticket with them. For learning more about how you can change name on Allegiant Air flight ticket kindly go through the details from below.

Learn the process to change the name on Allegiant Air flights?

Some of you might be wondering how to change name on Allegiant flight, which is easily possible through a simple procedure. Therefore, to learn the right steps to change name on Allegiant Air flight, you can follow data from below.

  • First of all, visit Allegiant Air website on your browser and look for Manage booking tab
  • Further on the Manage booking section you have to enter your first and last name
  • Then enter your booking confirmation code in the respective space available for same
  • After that, you have to press Manage Travel button to retrieve your booked flight list
  • Then navigate to the flight on which you need to apply for changing name
  • Next you have to follow on-screen instructions to apply eligible change in name on ticket
  • At the end you need to pay applicable fee for changing name on Allegiant Air flight

How do I change a flight on Allegiant Air? 

If you have brought a sudden change in plans and want to change flight, then you need to run a process. Sometimes it becomes troublesome work, especially for those who are new. Here Allegiant air makes the whole process easy; all you have to perform the below-shown steps. 

Steps to change a flight on Allegiant Air 

  • First of all, go to the official website of Allegiant Air. 
  • Next, click on the “Manage booking” option 
  • Here you need to mention some details of the booking or log in details. Once you provide this, only then you can access the bookings. 
  • Now, you have to select the booking from the other booking section. When you click on it, then you can see the different options. 
  • Click on the “Change flight” option. 
  • Here you again have to provide the details like origin and destinations and "date of traveling."
  • Click on the submit option, and you have to select the flight from the list. Make the payment if there is any fare difference

So in this way, you can get the answer of How do I change a flight on Allegiant Air, and you can see how easy it is. Though, in this whole process, you will be provided with the new tickets with the new details for more information about the allegiant air service contact allegiant air live person support number.

Allegiant Flight Change Policy

Know the details about the flight change policy of Allegiant Air?

To understand the rules for Allegiant flight change policy, you can go through the points from below.

  • According to the flight change policy of Allegiant Air modifying time, date, as well as the route of flight is permitted to the passengers
  • Name change for minor spelling errors in the first name is allowed to the passengers on Allegiant Air flight ticket
  • Changing last name on Allegiant Air flight ticket is allowed only on legal conditions such as the marriage or divorce of the passengers
  • Flight change service on Allegiant Air is available maximum up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure by the airline based on the availability on the particular flight

How much fee Allegiant Air applies to change a flight?

Flight change service on Allegiant Air is available in exchange for a certain amount fee applied by the airlines. To know the details for Allegiant Air flight change fee, you can follow the data given below.

  • Flight change fee charged by Allegiant Air for modifying a booked ticket details is 75 US dollars
  • Flight change fee is zero when Allegiant Air passengers modify flight tickets  up to 7 days prior to the scheduled departure time

Allegiant Air Customer Service

Hence, the right details about changing your name on your booked ticket with Allegiant Air are discussed on this page also including the information about flight change policy of the airline. Other than this, if you have any other query about Allegiant Air reservations then you can directly get in touch with the customer service center of the airline.



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