How To Change Passenger Name on British Airways?

British airways is one of the major airlines in the aviation industry and has its base planted to the roots of the industry. It is known for the services it provides to the customers.

If you have a booking or a reservation with British airways about before boarding the flight you need the query to be resolved or if you just mistyped the spelling of any one of the passengers. No worries, there are measures created for every situation. If you want to sort out any query related to the name change then you can go through with the points mentioned below. The ways to Correcting or changing the name on a ticket are mentioned below;

Correct or Change Name- To correct or change the name of any of the passengers in your reservation;

  1. Login to the official website of British airways 1(802)-427-9297.
  2. Locate and click on the option ‘Manage’
  3. A drop down will appear which will ask you to input the credentials.
  4. Input the booking reference number and the last name of the passenger under which the booking has been made and click on Find my booking.
  5. On the following page, it will showcase the flights affiliated with that booking reference number and the last name.
  6. You’ll find an option for ‘Flight change’, click on that.
  7. A list of options for you to make changes will be shown.
  8. You can easily correct or change the name on that page and click on save changes.
  9. After doing this, all you need to do is just make a phone call to the official Contact number of British airways.

British Airways Name Change Policy

  1. Making a name change is not that hard until and unless you know the inside out of the organization and the only way is for you to know the policies which they have. The below mentioned points will help you with the Name change policy that British airways have.
  2. If you made a booking with the help of a travel vendor, you won’t be able to make any changes in your name under the booking. The only way for you to change your name in that case is via contacting the travel vendor and asking them to make the necessary changes.
  3. In case you made the booking through any third party application, then also you won’t be able to make any changes. You’ll have to contact the third party for the necessary changes.
  4. British airways can only make changes with the help of making a phone call to them only if you booked the ticket through them that is either via online, from their original website or by calling up their reservations department.

Thus, the above mentioned steps will help you with the topic of British Airways Change of name policy and you can have a basic idea for the smooth running.

Contact team- If you still wish to contact the team of British airways related to the queries that you have, then you can do so with the help of below mentioned steps.

  1. Login or continue as a guest on the official website of British airways.
  2. On the homepage itself, you’ll find the notification of their international toll free number which you can easily call on.
  3. Initially, you’ll be connected with an IVR.
  4. Once the queue gets over, a live representative will get connected with you.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned points one can easily contact British Airways Phone Number.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is a BA hotline ticket?

In the present profoundly challenging markets, BA has needed to roll out various improvements to its business to stay competitive. Part of this change interaction includes a nearby assessment of its cost base, including the accessibility of staff travel benefits. 

The progressions to the staff travel program for previous workers on 1 April 2009 are intended to hold some travel benefits of earlier representatives. 

If you are wondering what is a BA hotline ticket? To be qualified to get to the Hotline program, you need to have a passing administration time with the airline or a FULL BA CLUB participation. At that point, you will need to try out the HOTLINE FOR FORMERS program and pay a humble yearly membership that we trust you will recuperate whenever you first use Hotline to buy tickets. 

You can reach out to the airline by calling the British Airways Contact Number 1(860) 180-3592 or just send an email for a speedy reaction. For requests identified with flight appointments or postponed things, you can call +1(802) 810-1234. 

Hotline gives British Airways partners and loved ones elite limits on flights, lodgings, vehicle rental, encounters, and moves. The Hotline is available to all BA partners, and all hotline items are bookable web-based 24 hours per day, seven days per week. 

Each Hotline Booker can make up to 20 Hotline appointments for up to 9 travelers for every reserving each Hotline Year. The Hotline Booker need not travel.

  1. Unused Hotline stipend can't be conveyed forward into another Hotline Year under any conditions. 
  2. If a Hotline booking is canceled before takeoff, the Hotline Booker's compensation will be credited with the correct number. 
  3. No credit will be given if a Hotline booking is made in one Hotline Year and canceled in the following Hotline Year.

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