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How To Change Passenger Name on Tap Air Portugal?

How To Change Passenger Name on Tap Air Portugal?

There are people who end up making mistakes in the flight booking and then regret it. If you are having reservations on Tap Portugal Air and want to change the name because the name of the passenger is not correct then don’t worry. With the help of this article, you will eventually find out how to change the name of the passenger. To find out more, tap below.

Steps to change the name of the flight passenger on Air Portugal

Ending up entering the wrong name of the passenger in a hurry is totally normal but there are always ways through which you can change the name of the passenger with the help of just few clicks. Here is how you can Change Passenger Name on tap air portugal.

  1. To change the name of the passenger, you have to go the website of the airline and then tap on the manage booking section and then proceed ahead.
  2. Now enter the booking number of the passenger’s flight and the full name associated with the reservations.
  3. On the page where you are able to see all the details related to the reservations, follow the guidelines of changing reservations and if you are able to find out the edit button to change the name of the passenger then move ahead.
  4. Keep a note that you can only correct the spelling mistake and not the entire name of the passenger, hence follow the instructions wisely.
  5. You can even call on the helpline number or write to the airline on their official postal address or the official email in context of the name change.

Name Change Policies of The Tap Portugal Airlines

To change the name of the passenger, it is must that you know about the details like tap air portugal name change policy.

  1. Only the passengers who have been issued the Tap Portugal confirmed flight reservation, only then you can change the name.
  2. If you are genuinely correcting the spelling mistake of the Tap Portugal Airlines ticket then you can correct up to two or three characters of the name.
  3. But if you are looking to change the entire name then you can take the permission of the concerned authority and also provide the necessary documents to bring changes in the name.
  4. You can change the name only once and if you do so within 24 hours of the booking then only it will be free of cost 805-626-7010. 
  5. The passengers of the Tap Portugal who are supposed to fly on the tickets of award or promotional offers can only view the ticket but can’t change it. You can also not make any type of changes on the flight ticket which is not refundable.
  6. Other changes that the passenger is allowed to make are the date and time of flying and not the route on which the flight is supposed to operate.

Contacting the customer care team of the Tap Portugal Airlines

In case there is something else left out that you don’t know or wish to seek information then contact the customer care team. You can find out more about the details like tap air portugal name change fee.

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