How To Change Passenger Name on United Flight?

Confirmed flight reservations on any type of booking can easily be changed anytime or anywhere with the help of the airline policies. And to provide ease to the passengers and make sure that the passengers travel comfortably. United Airlines which is the low cost airline and never fails to provide passengers best of deals!

And if you are one of those passengers who have a confirmed reservation and by mistake you have entered the wrong spelling of the name then calm down. You can always communicate with the airline to rectify the spelling mistake in the name of the passenger.

Flight Change Policies on United Airlines

  1. For changing the name on the flights, the flight change policies will help you to make changes easier.
  2. If you intend to make the changes on the passenger of the airline then you can only rectify the name of the passenger but can’t change it completely.
  3. And for rectifying the name of the passenger, you can only correct the spelling mistake up to three characters.
  4. For making any official change in the name of the airline, make sure that you present the legal documents for that.

Making changes in the name of the passenger

While entering the details of the passengers, common mistakes in the name of the passenger happens on a regular basis. However if you have access to the policies related to United airlines name change then making certain changes is not hard.

Steps to change the name of the passenger

To change the wrong name on United Airlines, passengers can easily pick anyone medium of communication and for doing that tap below.

Online process

  1. For all the tickets that were purchased 1-805-626-7010 online can be changed with the help of the online process. You can always visit the website and make the changes. First of all tap on the website of the United Airlines and then move to the manage booking section.
  2. Under the manage booking section, click on change reservations tab and then enter the booking number linked to the airline plus the name of the passenger.
  3. Now on the next page, as the booking details load, you can tap on the edit option followed by selecting the details you want to change.
  4. In case the changes you want to make is possible then pick the new details and follow the instructions. You can always make the change on the name if you have entered the wrong details.
  5. In case you have entered the wrong name of the passenger then you can correct the details up to the three characters.

And you are done!

Contacting the travel agent

Just in case you have bought the offline flight tickets from any travel advisor or the travel agent then you can communicate with the travel agent. Just give them a call and then request them to make the changes on your reservations.

They will ask you about the flight details like booking number plus the name of the passenger and then let them take the things forward.

On the ticket counter

If the ticket was bought from any type of counter then you can simply go to the ticket counter on the airport and then let the airline staff make changes on your booking.

Call on the helpline number

 You can even call on the official reservation number associated with the airline and then request them to make the changes on the reservations.

Cost incurred on the flight change of the United Airlines

Technically if you just correct the spelling mistake then you don’t have to pay any penny for the first few hours. However if you have to make the change the entire full name of the passenger then the charges will be implied according to the type of the ticket. The standard charge applied on all types of changes is 125 dollars.

Contacting the customer care team

Sometimes airline passengers of the United Airlines are not able to make the changes on the booking of the airline. And for any kind of help, you can communicate with the support team of the airline. The customer support team of the United Airlines phone number is available 24x7 to assist the passengers. The mediums that can help to connect to the customer care team are as follows.

  • Helpline number: You can communicate with the support team of the airline by simply calling on the number.
  • Via email: You can even drop an email on the support Id of the airline for communication.
  • Through social media: You can even drop a DM on the social media pages of the airline.
Frequently Asked Questions
How to proceed for United Airlines check-in?

United Airlines allows the passengers to check-in for their flights online without having any physical contact at the airport. Travelers can get their boarding pass online without facing any rush and hassle at the airport. The best thing to notice about United Airlines is its flexible check-in policy, allowing travelers to effectively check-in for their flight in real-time.

Keep reading the article if you are also facing the question- How do I check-in with United Airlines? Follow the given steps, and you can check-in for your flight online-

  1. Open the official website of United Airlines on your search engine.
  2. On the homepage of the airline, click on the Check-In section given on your screen.
  3. Type in the Confirmation Number followed by the Last Name of the passenger.
  4. After you enter details, click on the Search button given below the form.
  5. Now choose the reservation for which you need to check in.
  6. The flight details appear on the next screen; head towards and click on the Check-In option.
  7. Select a seat to cover your journey; you can also choose a preferred seat, but some additional charges will be.
  8. Also, United Airlines allows you to select extra services by paying some additional charges.
  9. Once you comply with all the formalities, go for the payment section.
  10. Pay the applicable charges (if any) to print your boarding pass.

After following these mentioned steps, you can effectively get a boarding pass to onboard your flight. Are you still wondering how do I check-in with United Airlines? Well, you can contact the United Airlines customer service team to help you check in for your flight.

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