How To Change Passenger Name on Virgin Airlines?

Virgin airline is best in providing services to the passengers on board & while they are in the lobby of the airport. This Virgin is a British airline. It’s headquarter is located in Crawley, UK. Virgin airlines operate in destinations like North America, Africa, The Caribbean, Middle East & Asia. The main hubs of this airline are London- Heathrow & Manchester.

If you look for the purpose for name changing on Virgin airlines, then yes name changing gateway is provided to the passengers on this airline. Now if you are looking for the Virgin Atlantic Name Change Policy so that you can easily make changes in your ticket regarding your name.

Then you must know the listed points related to the name changing policies at Virgin airlines;

  1. Passenger must be carrying the ticket that is refundable for any kind of change he/she wants to amend
  2. On this airlines name change all depends upon the terms & condition whenever you require to make the correction for the name change
  3. Sometimes changes done for the can also cost some amount as well

So, these are some of the points in regard to Virgin airlines policies. So, you need to keep these points in mind so that if any change has to do then, some terms & conditions will follow in the path.

Now if you need to know what all are the necessary changes that a passenger make after they book their flight, & if you need to know the process for Virgin Atlantic Change Flight - Date & Change Name, so that you get easy steps to make changes.

Then if you want to change the name with easy steps, so go through these steps;

  1. At first visit the official website of the airline through a web browser
  2. After that log-in into your account on the website booking
  3. Then select your flight with the booking number so to change your name
  4. You can change your name on the booking before 2 hours & choose a price as per the type of your ticket
  5. To change your name you need to provide ID proof to prove your name genuine

So by following these steps you can easily make a change with your name on your ticket.

If you need to change the date of your ticket, then just follow these steps;

  1. First of all visit the official website of the airline via the web browser
  2. After that you to log in into your account with your username & password
  3. Now click on the three-bar option on the left side panel
  4. After this you need to click on the option my booking or on manage my booking
  5. After that you will show your booking details
  6. In that if you need to make changes, then click on the option make changes
  7. After that if you need to change your date of flying then just do the required changes
  8. And click on save changes & keep in mind if the ticket is refundable or non-refundable
  9. Some additional charges may apply to the changes.

So through these steps, one easily make changes related to the date of their travel.

Therefore, if you need more information in regard to this then you are free to contact the customer care service team through their helpline number present on the official website. And the services are available 24*7 round the clock, if a customer faces any problem in making changes for their Virgin Airlines.

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