How Can I Make A Group Booking of Air Europa Flights?

Air Europa is a service that is functioning at a very large scale to provide air travel in numerous places. This Spanish airline has operated globally for 35 years to give world-class services to its passengers. Serving thousands of passengers globally, this airline has a codeshare agreement with many other airlines. This airline has allowed its customers to book a ticket by using various official ways. These ways include solo, couple as well as group travel for its passengers.

Among all this, some people prefer using the group booking service for their air journey. This airline has allowed group travel for any number of passengers more than 9. However, one of the most useful details to consider here is that it does not count any infant as part of its group. Many are confused about the service of booking for a group in the flights of this airline. If you are also one of those who are unaware of the group booking process, you need to use the method that is discussed below.

How to Book for a Group in Air Europa Flights?

Making the reservation is one of the simplest tasks to achieve for your group booking. However, it requires more knowledge when you are doing it for a group. Whether it is a reservation for a holiday or business meeting, you need to use the correct method that is given below.

  • Visit the official Air Europa website through a web browser.

  • Move to a web page that permits you to fill the group travel form.

  • Enter the personal contact details of the passenger with remarks.

  • Provide the Outbound flight information and enter all the details which you need.

  • With this, add a return flight and fill in all its mandatory fields with relevant information.

  • Read the General conditions of use and select its check-box to move ahead.

  • Go through the privacy policy and choose it if you find it acceptable.

  • Submit the form by clicking on the Continue button and use it again.

  • Now, one of the customer service officials will contact you through provided ways.

  • Talk to him and he will tell you about the availability of the flights which you have requested for.

  • Give modified details to the live person about your reservation to search for new flights.

  • On getting the information about the flight, advanced to the further booking steps.

  • Choose one of the available flights and provide details about its passengers.

  • Ask the customer service representative for the total price of booking for group travel.

  • Pay the fee and receive the confirmation for the same on your registered email ID.

Air Europa Customer Service 

The aforementioned process is useful to know the group booking process in this airline. Apart from this, you can also manage this booking by visiting its section. If you still have any doubt about How to Do Group Booking in Air Europa Flights, then you should get in touch with its Air Europa customer service directly and gain more details that will help you to know more things for booking group travel on this airline.

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