How To Fix Air Canada Name And Spelling Mistakes?

Are you looking for information on how to correct name and spelling errors on a ticket that you booked on Air Canada? It is possible that when purchasing a flight with Air Canada, a person may enter the name incorrectly by mistake. Air Canada provides the service of correcting a passenger's name on a ticket to those who may have made a small spelling error. Passengers must undergo the whole process for name changes, whether it is a single character error or multiples. You can find more information about correcting the mistakes in name on your Air Canada flight ticket from below.

Learn the process to fix name and spelling mistakes?

According to Air Canada's policy, you can request for a name change to fix any spelling errors by visiting their official website. By following the instructions below, you may learn how to fix Air Canada name and spelling mistakes on their website.

  1. To begin, go to Air Canada's official website and select the Manage Booking option +1-805-626-7010.
  2. Then click to the Manage Booking box to make amendments to your ticket
  3. Next, in the relevant field, you need to provide your booking number
  4. After that, fill in the passenger's last name in the designated field
  5. Press the find button to get a list of all the flights you've booked with Air Canada
  6. Then, open the specific flight for which you need to rectify the name and spelling errors
  7. After that, make proper change to the name to fix the spelling mistake, and save your reservation
  8. Finally, Air Canada will update your reservation with the correct passenger name on the ticket

What is the policy to change name on Air Canada?

Based on Air Canada's name change policy, you may learn more precisely under what circumstances you can rectify spelling errors on your name in ticket. The following points provide more detailed information about Air Canada name change policy.

  1. According to Air Canada's name change policy passengers can alter the incorrect name if there is a minor spelling issue.
  2. In addition, under the name change policy, travellers have the option of changing their last name on their airline ticket under certain legal situations.
  3. Passengers who want to change their last name must present proof of the change, which might include a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate, depending on the case.
  4. Adjustment in the name must be made within 24 hours of the initial reservation to get the service for free, or else Air Canada charges $60 as the name change fee.
  5. As per Air Canada's policy, passengers can request a name change using their official website or by calling their reservations number.

If you need to learn more about how to correct a name on a ticket, you can simply call the Air Canada phone number and speak with a customer care representative who can give you with additional information on how to handle such a scenario. You can also contact Air Canada's customer service department for any additional reservations or travel-related questions.

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