How To Fix Delta Airlines Name And Spelling Mistakes?

Have you entered the wrong name while booking a ticket with Delta Airlines? Do you want to get it changed without visiting the airport? Here is all that you need to read.

Delta Airlines is one of the most reputed brands of travel Industry that is responsible for taking care of flights to 319 destinations throughout the world. Taking over the charge of both national and international routes, the versatile airline is headquartered in Georgia, a beautiful city of The United States of America. Delta Airlines has spread its roots in 54 countries over the globe and is especially renowned for the safety measures that it takes for its passengers and flyers and the customer service that provides both through physical and virtual modes.

What does Delta Airlines provide on its web portal?

As we all know that almost all airlines have initiated the facility of a web portal that is quite efficient to assist the customers and every possible thing so that they do not have to visit the airport to get things done. In the below-given points you will read about all the possible aspects in which you can fetch assistance from the official website of delta airlines:

  1. Flight booking process
  2. Manage booking process.
  3. Online check-in facility
  4. Updates about the flight change procedures
  5. Making changes in the itinerary

Other than all the aspects mentioned above, we can enjoy the facility of live chat through which we can get any of our queries cleared from the experts available at the Delta Airlines airport.

Moving on to the center of this article, we need to read about the times when we happen to encounter with the query how to change name on delta ticket. It is no big deal when we happen to make such mistakes while making reservations. But it is very important to get it fixed because we need to get our identification documents verified with our ticket before boarding the flight.

So, next in this article, we are going to read about the steps that we need to follow if we want to get the details changed on a ticket. Some simple steps to get the changes done on the ticket at Delta Airlines

It is quite easy to get the changes done on the Delta Airlines ticket but you need to make sure that you get the changes done 2 to 3 days from the actual date of departure of the flight. Name correction policy for domestic and international tickets at Delta Airlines You can get your name changed on the Delta airlines ticket, except when.

  1. If flight gets connected with any other flight like Aeromexico, Air France, KLM, Korean, Virgin Atlantic, or virgin Australia.
  2. When you want to get more than three letters changed on the ticket.
  3. If the name is changed already once and now you need to make changes for the second time.

Correction to the first name or middle name

You can hire a travel agent to get the changes done in the first name or middle name and you can get the reissued ticket from him.

Correction to the last name on the ticket Correction to the last made is limited to the flexibility of up to three letters in the name without a waiver code. If you want to change more than three letters, you can Do the needful by paying a certain amount that is set by the airlines for the same.

Addition of the last name before any editing to the earlier one This is another big challenge that people face when they need to add a surname to an already registered name with the airline. This is again done by the travel agent as he has all the relevant knowledge that can be used in this respect. Make sure that you need to pay a certain amount for the same action to be done.

All of these methods are something in which you need to hire a travel agent for yourself but you can also get the changes done by just contacting the concerned Airlines customer service desk so that you can talk to them and transfer a certain amount as the name change fees to the Delta Airlines account and then you can get the changes done without any hassle. 

The conclusion

To conclude this article, it is very easy to get the changes done in the ticket if you have gone through the steps written below carefully. This is everything that you need to know about the situations when my name is spelled wrong on my delta ticketIf you require any further assistance regarding this respect, you can simply place a call to the concerned executives and get the changes done or you may take any other kind of assistance that you need during your travel via Delta Airlines with the help of the official phone number available on the authentic website of Delta Airlines. To get the name changed, you can simply drop an email to the airline and inform them about the changes to be done. You will be reverted about the further proceedings within 24 hours of your application to make the changes. You just need to make sure that you apply for the changes in the given time frame. As you already know that the customer care executives are quite responsive and supportive when it comes to your queries during your travel with Delta Airlines. Other information can be easily fetched from the official website of Delta Airlines.

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