How To Fix Etihad airways Name And Spelling Mistakes?

Etihad Airways is the second flag carrier of the UAE. Its headquarters are located at  Abu Dhabi. It is being termed as the second largest airline right after Emirates airlines. After making a reservation a person has to make certain amendments in their tickets .Following ways will guide you ‘’How to fix etihad airways name and spelling mistakes .’’  The passengers do require the help of representatives through which they can change their names and spelling mistakes. 

There are different reasons  through which one can easily change their names and spelling mistakes on Etihad Airways.  

1) Small Smelling mistakes.

By simply calling the airline's representatives one can politely ask to correct the minor spelling mistakes. Usually a single character spelling correction can be easily changed without any charges (free of cost). By politely  making a request from the airline ‘s staff. If minor spelling is being detected one can easily make a call and politely request for the same. 

2.) Marriage, divorce last Name changes.      

Last names change all the time for a  number of reasons. As per airlines rule it is mandatory to have the same name written on your passport which is mentioned on your passport . If one is planning to change their name but they have not changed their passport yet  do stick to whatever name is mentioned on your current passport. In order to change the name on an airline ticket which is already issued one has to send across the legal documents that are needed in order to get a name changed or to verify the same with airline staff.

If someone gets married recently or their divorse occurs one has to show the legal documents which simply certify the fact they have changed their name as well as last prior to boarding a flight. The certificate will verify the fact the person has changed their names, last names in the right manner.  

3.) Uncorrected Mistakes . 

While making a reservation the executives do print wrong names even when someone travels internationally if one’s surname is spelled wrongly one has to go through additional immigration scrutiny (after informing the officers one will be in safe hands because security will tell in advance what needs to carry along) on the safer side one will never be refused entryor boarding on matter how your name is displayed on the airline ticket. 

The following ways will help you how do I change my guest name on Etihad Airways. One can easily update their passport details , contact information and etihad guest number online for all your booking as well as your PNR number which is provided by the airlines one can change the guest name online one can only change their flight details on etihad official site by simply logging in there one has to firstly visit their site and do the requirements as per the airline procedures. The following ways  will guide you how one can change the guest name on etihad airways .

Guest  details have to be updated online.

  1. Firstly , do check the conditions regarding name changes. 
  2. Do check  the surcharge concerning name changes.
  3. Do contact the Customer service (And put your query on there).
  4. Do explain to them what is the right way to spell your name and what is wrong about the name which is mentioned on your current flight ticket . 
  5. The customer service will provide you the solution one need.
  6. Do confirm the name change and do mention the correct name.
  7. The customer service will guide you and one has to act accordingly one has to explain in details what needs to be changed in order to get a confirmed reservation for the same. 

Via phone.

The customer service of the etihad airways will provide the assistance one needs and one can politely request them about the changes one needs to make in their name or surname. They do provide you much needed assistance. Such assistance will help the passenger to fly in a safe manner. One has to go through security and one’s boarding pass also goes through security. One has to make sure before flying that all documents are carried along while travelling. Thus such ways will help how etihad airways phone number will provide you assistance one needs in order to enjoy the hassle free flight of etihad airways .

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