How to get a refund on EasyJet?

You can get an Easyjet refund by visiting its official website and calling the Easyjet representative. Here is the procedure you can follow if you have no idea.

Steps to get an Easyjet refund 

  • Go to the official website of Easyjet. 
  • Click on manage booking section and login into your account
  • Else you can also retrieve the booking by entering your confirmation number and surname
  • Now select the ticket you wish to cancel and click on the cancellation reservation button
  • Follow the instruction and after the flight is cancelled, go to the refund page
  • You can retrieve the refund request form and fill in every possible details'
  • Now submit the form, and if applicable, your refund will be credited in 7-20 days to your account

You can also contact the airline via email or call to request the Easyjet refund. You can access the contact details by visiting the support page of the airline.

What is Easyjet cancellation policy and refund Policy?

As per the Easyjet policy, you can cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking and get a full refund minus the cancellation fee. The cancellation fee varies from around $ 60 to $ 70 per the fee and chargers.

You don't get a refund if you cancel a flight after 24 hours. However, airlines allow you to change the flight. You also need to pay the change fee depending on the fare type, the source you use to change, etc.

If you need to cancel a flight due to illness, bereavement of a passenger, or close family member, you can contact the EasyJet representative immediately. They help you with a fee waiver or provide flight vouchers(validity six months) for future travel. You might need to submit the document to support your statement.

Can I apply for an Easyjet refund online?

Yes, you can apply for an Easyjet refund online. Go to the airline's refund page, complete the online refund request form, and submit it to the airline. First, you must cancel the flight by retrieving your booking details and then go to the refund page. From there, you need to access the refund form and provide all the details required. Submit the form so that aileron can verify your details. Once the details are verified, you can expect the refund in 7-20 working days.

How long are Easyjet taking to refund Cancelled flights?

You can submit the refund request if your flight is cancelled and you want a refund. After you submit the request form, processing the refund takes around 7-10 days. The refund time might vary depending on your mode of payment and the bank involved.

How do I claim a refund from Easyjet?

You can claim a refund by visiting the airline's official site and accessing the refund request form. Fill in the form with all the relevant details and submit it to the airline. Besides, you can also call the airline directly or send an email to them to claim an Easyjet refund.

How do I contact Easyjet for Refund?

The standard refund time is 7-10 working days. However, you can call the airline directly if it takes more than expected. Follow the procedure below to contact Easyjet.

  • Dial the Easyjet customer care number 
  • Follow the IVR to connect to speak to the live agent 
  • Once you are connected with the agent, request them that you wish to get a refund
  • In case you have already applied, you can provide them with your booking details to check the refund status 

Besides this, you can also visit the support page of the airline to access other contact details to contact Easyjet.

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