How To Get Compensation When your Kenya Airways Is Delayed or Canceled?

Have you booked your flight ticket with Kenya Airways and due to some inescapable situations the airline has delayed or cancelled your flight bookings? If so, then you never have to worry as the airline has created a separate provision in such situations that one can choose to confirm alternative flights and claim compensation.

And for the passenger who are looking for Can I get Kenya Airways compensation for a 2 hour flight delay? They can check out the details discussed in this article and manage their flight bookings with Kenya Airways accordingly. 

Kenya’s airways solutions for cancelled and delayed flights:

When things go wrong, Kenya airways has its back for its customers. For the passengers whose flight is delayed for more than an hour, cancelled, or missed a connecting flight, the airline provides them an option to confirm another flight. 

To rebook the flight, the passenger can make use of the following options given below:

  • Kenya airlines app
  • Can use an online check-in option.
  • Visiting the Kiosk.

By using any of the above mentioned options, the passenger can easily find an alternative flight or be part of the standby passengers to take the tickets for the next available flights.

The Compensation Policy of Kenya Airways for Delayed and Cancelled Flights:

  1. a) Delayed flight compensation 

For any reason, if the passenger fails to find an alternative flight, then one can claim the compensation for the delayed flightBelow given are the compensation guidelines that can help one to manage their flight bookings in time. 

  • According to the guidelines of the airline, for the passenger departing from the European airport, they can only check for the delayed flight compensation. 
  • As per the EU law, the passengers whose flight is delayed for 3 hours or more are entitled for a compensation of US $600 per passenger from the airline. 
  • However, there is one exception, if the flight is delayed due to the extraordinary circumstances such as bad or unpleasant weather or air traffic, the Kenya airways is not responsible to pay any compensation as these situations are not in the control of the airline. 
  1. b) Cancelled flight compensation

As Kenya airways is not a European Airline, but if the airline is going to Europe, then the airline is required to follow certain regulations. And as per the cancelled flight compensation regulations of the Kenya airways, the passengers who have faced cancellation of a flight from a European departure are eligible for compensation. 

  • According to the regulations, the passenger will be provided a seat on the next available flight to their destination or a refund as favored. 
  • However, if the flight cancellation is done in less than 14 days of the departure from the European airport, then as per the EU laws, the passenger can claim compensation of US $600 from the airline. 
  • In case, if the airline can provide the passenger an alternative flight making them reach the destination at a similar time, then the Kenya airways is not liable to pay any compensation to the passenger. 
  • Apart from this, in the exceptional situations where cancellation of the flight is needed, then the airline will not pay any compensation to the passengers. 

Therefore, in this way one can claim compensation against the cancelled flight ticket in a very simple and effective manner. Besides all this, if the passenger has more queries regarding the Kenya Airways Flight Delay Compensation, then they can feel free to contact the customer support team of the airline for reliable and instant assistance.

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