How To Get Refund of WestJet Airlines Ticket Online?

Know about the ways to get the refund of tickets in WestJet airlines

WestJet Airlines is a low-cost airline of Canada. The headquarters of WestJet Airlines is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has a fleet size of 178 people. The scheduled and charter flights are operated to 109 destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Canada, the United States, and Europe.

In order to fly with the airlines, the passenger needs to book a ticket and avail of the services. The booking of a ticket is done by following the booking procedure of the airlines. The booking can be done via two modes- offline and online. The offline mode involves the visit of a passenger to the ticket counter at an airport or travel agency and the online mode involves the booking through the website. The passenger can dial the WestJet airline's phone number in order to contact for any help.

In case a passenger wants the refund of their booking, they need to follow the below-listed steps and conditions:

  1. If the passenger wants to make a cancellation, then it can be done within 24 hours of purchase without any fee. After 24 hours, a ticket will be canceled with a cancellation fee and the rest amount will be refunded to the original mode of payment.
  2. The refund can be processed by visiting the official website. After change/cancellation, there will be an option of a refund and from there it can be processed.
  3. In the case of 24 hours cancellation, the full amount will automatically be refunded to the original account of payment.
  4. If the cancellation is applied to the flight of same-day departure, then the cancellation fee is charged per person and a refund will be issued to the Travel Bank of the passenger.
  5. All the fares that need to be refunded will be according to the cabin class of the travel.

 What is the Cancelation Policy of WestJet Airlines?

WestJet Airlines, known as a major Canadian carrier, provides services worth every penny you might spend while booking a flight. The airline is known to cater to the needs and requirements of travelers by leveraging them with unique flexible canceling and refund policies. So, even if you are facing a travel crisis and need to know what is the cancellation policy for WestJet? Then do not worry as the airline has your back with its incomparable policies as mentioned in the further sections.

Cancellation terms and conditions of WestJet

When you are looking forward to canceling your WestJet flight, then you must keep track of all the WestJet terms and conditions set across. WestJet Airlines has introduced these policies to benefit its travelers who find it difficult to continue with their journey. You must take a look at the given points related to the refund and flight canceling policies put forth by the airline-

  • If you seek a full refund, make sure that you complete the cancelation and refund request process within the first 24 hours of the initial booking. 
  • But if you exceed the airline's time limit, you might have to pay some penalty as a cancellation charge.
  • At WestJet, the refund amount depends on the type of fare, the destination chosen, and the time of cancelation.
  • As per the WestJet Airlines cancellation policy, the airline credits the refund amount in the original payment form that you used while booking the airline ticket.
  • If you have purchased WestJet’s Econo Flex or Econo, Business Flex ticket, or Premium Flex and cancel it beyond the time frame of 24 hours, then you would have to pay the cancelation fees at the time of cancelation.
  • If any cancelation charges are applicable, the airline will deduct the evaluated amount and credit the rest as a refund in the passenger’s registered account.
  • According to the cancellation policy at WestJet, travelers who are booked with Basic Fares then you are not eligible to claim a refund.
  • WestJet Airlines is helping travelers with its insurance program, which would help passengers secure their refund values in advance.
  • As per the insurance program, whoever has claimed the refund, the airline is obliged to send the refund amount within five business days from when the airline receives the refund request.

Cancelation fare at WestJet Airways

You can ask the WestJet customer service team about the WestJet Airlines refund fee policies to make a clearer and better decision with your flight. Below mentioned are some of the applicable cancelation charges that you might have to pay if you are booking your flight with WestJet Airlines-

  • If you wish to cancel your Econo ticket with WestJet, you might have to pay 50 CAD to 59 CAD, depending on the time of your cancelation.
  • If you are holding an Econo Flex fare, then be ready to pay between 25 CAD to 30 CAD as cancelation fees followed by 100 CAD to 1108 CAD if you cancel a Business Flex fare.

You must understand the terms and conditions as stated in the  WestJet Airlines cancellation policy to get a refund on your flight. Also, you can take help from the WestJet travel consolidator to know how much refund amount you qualify for.

For any further assistance regarding any issue or query regarding the airlines, customer support can be contacted. The executive in the customer service will provide the required help to the passengers. The contact info for the same can be found on the official website below:

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