How To Upgrade Seat on American Airlines?

Airlines upgrades are becoming much harder to come by, whether you are getting elite benefits or you are simply using your points or money to upgrade the seat. That is why we recommend booking the set you want instead of relying on the upgrade which may or may not be clear. 

Still, a huge number of passengers  who fly with American Airlines have various or different tricks up there if they want to upgrade the seat.  While most of the methods will be subject to available inventory, let's get through everything you need to know about the upgrade and the eligibility, priority and many more things. 

American Airlines offers lots of ways to its passengers to experience the premium cabins class, whether it's upgrading through the miles or by using the certificates the airline gives to its frequent flyers. If you are planning to fly with the American Airlines, and looking for affordable ways to upgrade, here is what you need to know about upgrading your flight tickets.  

If you want to know How to upgrade Seat on American Airlines ? then follow the below steps:

  1. First thing the passenger needs to do is visit the Airlines website and then go to the section of My Trip. 
  2. Then enter your first and the last name and the booking reference number
  3. Now click on the Find reservation button
  4. Then your flights details will automatically appear on the screen
  5. If upgrade would be possible then the option of upgrade flight will appear on the screen. If yes, then select the option. 
  6. Then choose the class option of which you want to upgrade to
  7. The charges of the upgrade will appear on the screen at the same time. 
  8. Enter your payment details and pay the total amount for upgrade
  9. Lastly, after payment you will get a new flight  ticket.

Passenger can also upgrade seat by contacting the customer service through the American Airlines phone number

Use your miles to get an upgrade

If you are purchasing the flight ticket directly with the cash and you also have some American Airlines AAdvantage Miles then you can request for an upgrade by choosing the miles. Unless you are an ultra-elite key member, so you may need some cash for a copay too, the number of miles you will be needing and the copay depends on where you are flying and the fare class. 

Upgrade Priority

Given various types of Upgrades American Airlines offers, it is important to understand where you will fall on the list of  upgrades to understand your chance of clearing the upgrade process. 

Here is the list of the Upgrade Priority Of the American Airlines 

Elite status: starting from the top to bottom, American airlines will rank all the customers on the upgrade list based on the AAdvantages elite status. Key members have highest priority followed by the executive platinum, platinum and platinum pro, and lastly gold elite. 

Types of ticket upgrades; American Airlines uses the  types of flight ticket or upgrade the certificate as a tiebreaker within the single elite status American airlines use the types of the flight ticket or upgrade the certificate as a tiebreaker. On American Airlines, airline mileage upgrades get the highest priority. 

12 month rolling EQDS: The pesky revenue requirement does not apply to eligible for elite status. If American Airlines needs a further tiebreaker on the upgrade list then the higher priority will go to the passenger who has accumulated the EQDS. 

If you are still facing any issues regarding the upgrade process then please contact the customer service directly by American Airlines phone number, and talk to them. 

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