Iberia Airlines Cancellation Policy

Iberia is one of the renowned airlines in the aviation business and wants to retain this title of a good airline. Considering this, Iberia Airlines has a refund policy that focuses on increasing the levels of customer satisfaction. 

Key Points of the Cancellation Policy of Iberia Airlines

The following points can help you understand the Iberia Airlines Cancellation Policy in detail.

  1. The passenger can cancel the booked flight within twenty-four hours of the scheduled departure, and in such a case, the passenger will not have to bear any additional cancellation charges.
  2. If the passenger has booked the reservation online, the refunds will be made in the same mode. If the passenger has booked the flight ticket via a travel agency, they need to contact the agency to initiate the refund request.
  3. The cancellation charges depend upon the fare plan chosen by the passenger during the reservations. Some fare plans are free, whereas others include the cancellation fee. 
  4. The fee of issuing a ticket is non-refundable as per the cancellation policy of Iberia Airlines.
  5. Iberia Airlines will provide a full refund in case the passenger is dead for some unfortunate reasons before the flight’s departure.  

To get more information about the cancellation policy of Iberia Airlines, kindly visit Iberia Airlines’ official website.

Under Which Conditions You are Eligible for Refunds

Some conditions apply to avail refunds for canceling the Iberia Airlines flight ticket. Let us see what those terms and conditions are.

  1. Iberia Airlines canceled the flight, and you chose not to catch an alternate flight.
  2. Your Iberia flight got delayed by five or more hours.
  3. The ticket conditions allow you to get a refund.
  4. If your family member or any close relative dies. A spouse, parent, child, or in-law is considered a close relative.  

Compensation on Cancelling an Iberia Flight

The following points can help you understand the Iberia Airlines refund policy in detail. 

  1. Suppose you are told about the cancellation by Iberia Airlines less than fourteen days before the scheduled departure. In that case, you may be eligible to claim up to USD 700 per person as compensation.
  2. If Iberia cancels the flight they need to immediately rebook you onto another flight with no additional charges.
  3. As per Iberia’s refund policy, you can request a refund by contacting the booking office, travel agent or agency, from where you purchased the ticket.
  4. You can choose to get a refund in the form of cash, electronic bank transfer, or travel vouchers. Please note that if you choose to opt for a travel voucher, you can use it to buy tickets in the near future.
  5. The conditions to cancel the reservation are mentioned in your booking confirmation mail. You can access the same online in the booking management section.

Hopefully, the information mentioned above is able to explain the cancellation and refund policy of Iberia Airlines clearly. However, if you are eager to learn more about the cancellation and refund policy. Please call Iberia Airlines contact number or visit Iberia Airlines’ official website.

The flag carrier airline of Spain was established in 1927 and depending on an 80 plus fleet to serve 80 plus destinations across the sphere. It, a part of Iberia Group, is managing aircraft maintenance, IT systems, handling in airports, and in-flight catering apart from transporting millions of passengers. The airline company, which had operated its first operation between Madrid and Barcelona, merged with British Airways in 2011. It has developed flexible ticket booking, manage to book, and Iberia Airline cancellation policy. Anyways, we will be talking about the cancelation policy throughout this post. 

Iberia Airlines flight Cancellation Policy

You need your booking code and ticket number if you are willing to cancel a ticket that has been booked through www.Iberia.com. However, the cancellation is done through the Manage Booking. A ticket, which is considered as the written relation between the airline and the passenger whose name is appeared on the ticket, is valid 365 days from the date of issue. In this regard, you are suggested to contact your travel agency if you have booked your ticket from it. Nevertheless, the refund will depend on the tariff chosen by you. If your reservation is backed by restrictions, you won’t be able to get an Iberia Airlines ticket refund. Moreover, you will have to pay some penalty fees if you have booked a ticket with cancellation restrictions.

Iberia Airlines Reservation Number

The Iberia authority is likely to reimburse your fare if you present the original death certificate along with the photocopy of the Family Book. You can apply for reimbursement in the death event of a close relative, including mother, father, child, spouse or in-law, of the ticket holder. The passengers are, however, requested to dial the Iberia Airline reservations number for availing cancelation or refund related information.

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