Is Economy Comfort on KLM Worth it?

If you have a booking with KLM, the airline provides you with various seat options. Like economy class, business class, etc. Among economy class, the economy comfort has always been the talk among travelers in KLM. Like, other travelers, if you are confused with the economy comfort seat option in KLM and whether it is worth it or not? You will get to know all the details here.

Is economy comfort on KLM worth it?

It depends on the type of person you are and how long you have to travel. Here we have given some worth mentioning points below to help you better understand.

  1. Yes, it is worth it if you prefer comfort and can compromise with the price. It is also worth it if you have a long-haul journey.
  2. But if you have a short-haul journey and are okay without extra legroom and recline options, it's not worth spending extra money for choosing economy comfort.
  3. Besides, if you can afford it, it's well worth getting economy comfort because the economy seats are too tight. 
  4. Choosing Economy comfort, you get complimentary spirits on international flights and Zone 2 boarding.

What do your get in Economy Comfort KLM?

As the name suggests, you get extra comfort with additional amenities if you choose economy comfort. Here you can check out some points below to make it more clear.

  1. As Economy comfort seats are in the front of economy class 1(802) 810-1234, you get a chance to be amongst the first on your way.
  2. Economy Comfort seats are generally the same as standard seats, but you get extra legroom of 4 "along with an extra-inch recliner.
  3. You get In-seat power on most aircraft, and these are also ergonomically designed to add extra comfort.
  4. Choosing Economy comfort, you can choose a variety of meal options from continental to Indian, Veg or Non-veg for international flights.
  5. You get a Movie screen for all-time entertainment and many more.

Seat Options in KLM Economy Class

KLM economy provides several seat options based on your budget and preferences. If you want a standard seat, you can select it during check-in without paying extra costs. But If you want extra legroom and an extra recline option, etc., you can also reserve your seat anytime. Here you can select various seat options below in KLM economy class.

If flying Within EUROPE:-

For passengers who fly within Europe, the following are the seat options they can choose for their fight.

  1. Standard seat
  2. Economy comfort seat
  3. Extra legroom seat
  4. Front section seat


Passengers who fly internationally can choose the following seat for their flights.

  1. Standard seat
  2. Economy comfort seat
  3. Extra legroom seat
  4. Seat in row 2 
  5. Front section seat

So depending on the seat options you want to choose, you can book your ticket anytime. You can book your ticket online and offline by simply speaking to the reservation department. However, going through the options above, you can now find out, Is economy comfort on KLM worth it? In case if you need any additional information, you can also speak to the KLM representative anytime.

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