Is JetBlue Airline Safe For Travelling?

Undoubtedly, JetBlue is one of the safest airlines in the globe that are fighting tooth and nail to eradicate any threat from passengers. Today, the whole world is facing a health crisis due to a pandemic that has badly affected air travel. However, JetBlue is making every possible effort to eradicate this virus by making numerous rules to curb it.

It has taken initiative by launching and implementing the rule that every passenger needs to be masked up. All passengers are required to cover their face, especially nose and mouth properly to reduce the possibility of giving or taking COVID. With this, it has made many rules for the use of all its passengers.

JetBlue Airlines COVID Seating Policy

JetBlue has tweaked its rules of seating in its flight and made it mandatory for everyone to be cautious while booking the seats in its flights. The JetBlue COVID Seating Policy acts as a perfect measure to reduce the spread of COVID substantially. The main points of this policy are given below.

  • Irrespective of fare class, every seat in its flight is sanitized frequently to maintain hygiene.

  • Both seat covers and seat belts are removed before the beginning of every possibility of your booking.

  • As an additional safety measure, it has also introduced a method in which every passenger needs to sit by leaving one seat between them empty.

JetBlue Refund Policy During COVID

The spread of COVID disease has created chaos among countries that implemented flight bans to and from various nations. This has made this airline make JetBlue COVID Policy Refund for the facility of all its passengers. According to this policy, every passenger has the right to request a refund when its flight is canceled by the airline due to COVID.

This step has reimbursed the loss of many passengers whose flights were canceled. Here, the refund is given in either monetary form or with travel vouchers. Anyone can also use the refundability option by rebooking their flight by paying extra requirements only.

Is JetBlue Still Blocking Seats?

JetBlue has rolled out a rule in which it was not allowing anyone to occupy the middle seats in the flight but it has modified that rule and has decided to remove it. Earlier, the number of people flying through JetBlue was less, with time they have increased forcing the airline to eliminate the need to block a middle seat.

On October 15, 2020, JetBlue implemented this seat blocking policy however on January 8, 2021, it has decided to no longer follow that rule. Even by removing that rule, JetBlue has enough space between each row to follow a healthy distance between its customers.

Is JetBlue Serving Food During COVID On Its Flight?

After a ban on serving food, JetBlue again started serving food to its passengers on board. However, it always uses all measures to provide food full of hygiene. As its part, it serves foods that are properly packed and healthy for its passengers. Along with that, beverages are given in disposable paper cups instead of metal or plastic glasses.

This information is enough to provide you with the information that it is completely safe to travel on JetBlue even in a pandemic. If you still have any issue about it and have any doubt about Is JetBlue serving food During COVID or is it safe, then contact its official customer service and know more valid and acceptable details from it. It is best to contact a JetBlue live person and ask him about any required information.

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