Is United charging for Cancelling flights? 

We often receive a great length of queries regarding cancellations related to flights that were reserved with United Airlines. Being the largest in the United States of America, it is nothing new and alien and we do understand that many have questions relating to their policies, procedures, and flight-related things. 

Since the pandemic hit, United airlines have formulated certain changes as far as their policies are concerned and there have been rounds of speculations among the travelers and passengers regarding what has changed and how it is going to affect their reservation with United airlines.

Well, you have come to the exact right place as today we are going to give you a brief analysis of the recent changes made by United airlines. Moreover, we are also going to cover certain other details regarding how to change or cancel a United flight contact number. This would also contain details regarding the costs and the fares that are levied upon cancellations or flight change. 

In the light of COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the CoronaVirus, United airlines have made the following changes as far as Flight change or cancellations are concerned. 

Here is what you need to gather:

United Flight changes

One of the major changes that took place after the CoronaVirus breakdown is that United airlines have waived off the flight change charges on most of the flights. It has been one of the most suited things that have been done by the airline. The flight change charges have been waived off for the fights that are meant for the routes across the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Moreover, the flight change fees have been eliminated for the flight types that are mentioned down under:

  1. Economy 
  2. Economy Plus
  3. United First
  4. United Business 
  5. United Premium Plus

Moreover, the change fees have been eliminated for the economy fights or the international flights with United Airlines that have been reserved before Dec 31, 2020. 

United Airlines Cancel Flight

  1. According to the most recent travel notice issued by United Airlines, the cancellations made before December 31st,2020, can be rebooked later without any penalties or cancellation charges. The airline has waived off all the cancellation charges with respect to the pandemic. 
  2. The passengers could opt for rebooking. The passengers have 24 months to make a rebooking with United airlines against the cancellation made by them with United airlines. 
  3. All these newly formulated policies and suggestions apply to Award travel booked with miles too. 


A travel credit will be provided with 24 months expiry from the date of issue. You could also opt for full refunds against your cancellation on one condition, that is, if the airline is unable to re-book you on the flight traveling to your destination. 

What are the fees and penalties charged by United airlines?

Let us now have a bird’s eye view of the cost and the fares that are associated with flight change or cancellations related to United Airlines. 

Flight changes

As per the newly formulated change policy by united airlines, the passengers do not have to pay a penny as far as flight change is concerned. The Flight change fees on international or economy flights have been eliminated by United airlines, making it easier for the passengers to cope up in such hard times as these.

Flight Cancellations 

If you have reserved Award travel with United Airlines, then you will be charged 125 USD as a redeposit fee. This is only applicable if the cancellations are made one month in advance.  I hope this supplies the answer to Is United charging for Cancelling flights?

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