JetBlue Airlines Flight Unaccompanied Minor Policy 

Traveling with kids is no less than a challenge because it takes a lot of effort to travel with the kids. And if the kids travel alone then airlines are quite selective about the reservation policies. And if you decide to travel by JetBlue Airlines then you can take the help if this blog.


JetBlue Airlines minor policy

Before heading for the flight policies of JetBlue Airlines, you need to know first what exactly JetBlue airline's unaccompanied minor policy is. If your kid has to travel alone without the company of an adult in the flight and he or she is below 14 years of age then they are termed as minors. And to make them travel alone on flights, every airline issues some unaccompanied policies. You can refer to these policies mentioned below.


The fee incurred on the carrying minors in the flight

1.Apart from the normal flight reservations there are a lot of other things that minors need while making flight reservations.

 2.To send a kid alone in the flight, Jet Blue Airline charges fee which is 150 dollars one way for both domestic and international flight. 

3.It might sound little expensive in comparison of the airlines like Delta Airlines but this amount is inclusive of the baggage fees.


Age limit for the minors to travel alone

1.If your kid is already 14 years of age then he or she can travel alone but that does not mean they would be treated as an adult to travel alone.

2.Also if the kid is below 14 years of age then you have to strictly follow the rules and regulations.

3.Toddlers between the age of two and four can’t travel alone but if the minor is 14 then he can carry a toddler along but both would still be in the category of minors.


Connecting flights for the minors

If the minor has to take a connecting flight then they won’t be allowed on board. You can send the kids alone if the jet Blue flight is a direct one and not a connecting flight.


Number of minors allowed on the flight

If the kids traveling alone are in a group then only three kids or minors can travel all together under one single reservation. You can’t send kids more than three on the flight of the Jet Blue Airlines.


The seating arrangement of the JetBlue airlines

If you travel as a minor with the Jet Blue Airlines then you would get the chance to travel on the seats chosen by your own. Usually the passengers who are minors are not allowed to pick their own flight seats but if you make flight reservations in the jet Blue then you get the seating arrangement in the ABC row that’s close to the toilet.


JetBlue Airlines unaccompanied minor fees

And hence with the help of the following tips you can easily send minor travelers on the flight of the Jet Blue Airlines. And if there is any issue related to the JetBlue airlines unaccompanied minor fees or any policy then contact the Jetblue 24-7 Customer Service team of the airline.

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