How To Change Name on Lufthansa Airlines Ticket?

Lufthansa airlines is known for the services it provides in the aviation sector both to domestic and international locations. It is known for its large fleet size and the connectivity it provides to different parts of the world with excellent level services and facilities. Lufthansa believes in not only satisfying the customers while they are flying but also in the support while they are sitting at their homes and they face any particular query related to their reservations or booking.

One of the major services provided by Lufthansa for the ease of their customers is the name change policy. The Lufthansa Airlines name change policy is discussed thoroughly in the below mentioned points;

Name Change Policy with Lufthansa Airlines

The name change policy with Lufthansa can be understood with the help of the following points;

Often while making a reservation in a jiffy people tend to miswrite their names. We all know our names are the words we have written innumerable times in our lives. But still mistakes do take place.

  1. If we miswrite our name, the policy allows us to change the name on the reservation ticket.
  2. If you are a premium member and you recently got married and changed your surname then it also allows you to change the name on your account with the help of name change policy.
  3. The name change applies to both the First and the Last name.
  4. It does not allow you to reverse the order of the first and the last name though due to security reasons.
  5. Therefore, these measures are created so that one doesn’t face problem while they are boarding their flight and the name does not matches with their document.

Steps for Name change

If you wish to change the name on the ticket of your reservation then follow the below mentioned steps;

  1. Login to the official website of Lufthansa airlines.
  2. Locate and click or Call 1-805-626-7010 on Manage booking section of the page.
  3. Once you do, it will ask you to input the credentials like your booking reference number for the ticket and your last name for the verification.
  4. Enter the details and click on ‘Find my Booking’
  5. On the following page, it will have all the bookings you have under that name and booking reference number.
  6. Choose the flight you wish to change the name for.
  7. Click on edit to change the name on the ticket.
  8. Change the name as desired and then click on save.
  9. Once you do, you’ll be receiving an email from Lufthansa with the modifications you made on your ticket and with a new E-ticket which you can showcase at the time of boarding your flight.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned points one can easily go through the pattern of the Check out the steps for Lufthansa Name Change Policy and can made the necessary changes in a very hassle free and timely manner.

Fix the problem if name does not changes

Very rare but quite possible times, if the name does not changes on the reservation of your ticket for the flight and you need to board the flight in a day or two then no worries, measures to problems like this are also created. You can easily sort out this solution by contacting the Lufthansa Airlines phone number which you easily find with the help of the below mentioned steps;

  1. Login or continue as a guest on the official website of Lufthansa airlines.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Under the section of Customer services click on Help and Contact.
  4. It will open a new webpage which will consist of all the departments in which a passenger can have query.
  5. Under the contact options, you’ll find the departments for query.
  6. Select the department.
  7. A drop down menu will appear which will ask for your location.
  8. Input the location and the official customer service number for Lufthansa will be provided.
  9. The days and hours for calling the executive are mentioned as well.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned points one can easily contact the Lufthansa Airlines phone number in a hassle free manner.

How can I change my name on Lufthansa Airlines easily?

Lufthansa Airlines is a major airline company based out of Germany. It is well known for its luxurious flights with affordable tickets flying across the globe. The airlines are taking thousands of flights each day from domestic to international, with millions of flyers. This is the second-largest airline in terms of flyers in the whole of Europe.This article will tell you everything about lufthansa Airlines name change policy. 

To plan a trip with Lufthansa one can easily book a flight by using the web portal, which is quite intuitive to use and any flyer having zero knowledge of web surfing can easily book tickets using this. A task like searching for the flight for the trip becomes so much easy by using the portal and it is secure and fast to book flights. The portal even has payment gateway integration to make payments for the tickets online using popular credit cards and mobile wallets. The refund policy and tracking the ticket history feature can help you out in planning more such trips for the future. The portal also gives discounts on the basis of past trips. The portal can be accessed from any device, whether it be a desktop, a mobile, a tablet, anything with a web browser that can access the site easily.

In this article, we are going to look at those policies and how to use the portal to do the same.

According to the terms and conditions of Lufthansa airlines a name on the ticket can be changed easily before the ticket has been issued using the portal, but, if the tickets have been issued then it is possible only by paying 100 euros per flyer. 

Reasons for changing the name on air tickets

The name change is allowed in the case of marriage even after a ticket has been issued on the portal. So, the following are the points user has to keep in mind before changing the name on the ticket:-

It is allowed only when:

  1. - After the marriage
  2. - Typing error in the first name or the last name
  3. - There should be a document provided for verifying the name change

Some simple steps to change your name on air ticket at Lufthansa Airlines 

One can follow these steps to change the name on the ticket by using the portal, it can be done quite easily.

  1. - Open your favorite web browser on your device and search for Lufthansa airlines, click on the first link which will open up its portal.
  2. - Login with your credentials to access your tickets booked online.
  3. - After successfully logging into the portal you can go to the manage booking option available on the main menu.
  4. - You can see your upcoming trips on the page itself, select the one you want your name to be changed.
  5. - On the next screen the details of the tickets will be visible to you and there will be an option to edit these details.
  6. - Then you can change the name on the ticket booked according to the Lufthansa name change policy described above.
  7. - Once the name is changed it will be reflected on the portal and an email with updated tickets will be sent to your email account.

So, these are some easy steps to follow to change the name for a trip. This is everything you need to know about your query: Can you change a name on a Lufthansa flight?

Frequently Asked Questions
Does Lufthansa Allow Name Changes?

Name changes: names can be changed easily and free of charge before the tickets have been issued. However, name changes to be made after the tickets have been issued are only possible for a fee of 100 euros per passenger name to be changed. Unused taxes and fees are, however, refundable.

How do I send an email to Lufthansa?

Lufthansa airline is a prominent airline as they serve the best services to their travellers. You can book a flight easily with Lufthansa. If you are stuck somewhere, you can get in touch with the Lufthansa customer support team by email. Following are the steps that you can do to send an email:

  1. Open the inbox of your email and compose an email.
  2. Write down your problem in detail and attach the documents, if any, along with your phone number.
  3. Send to the customer support of Lufthansa. To take the official email id, Lufthansa do the below steps:
  4. Open the Lufthansa official website in your browser.
  5. Go to the contact us tab, and you can see the various modes to reach the customer support team.
  6. Click on the email support option to get the email id of the Lufthansa representative.
  7. After sending an email, the customer representative will see your request in detail and call you at your given phone number within 24 hours of the request. They will provide you with the best assistance and through solutions and information.

With the help of the above ways, you can solve your problem hassle-free by sending an email. You will get the answer of how do I send an email to Lufthansa as customer support is always available to assist you. The customer support team are available round the clock; you can also choose the call, chat or social media options to reach the human at Lufthansa if you cannot connect by email.

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