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Norwegian Air Customer Service

Norwegian Air Customer Service Number


Norwegian Air always tries to deliver passenger-friendly services and this is the reason that airline provides you many services. Every feature or amenities that you get while flying with the airline is provided to you so that you don’t have to face any hassle. Even the airline gives you Norwegian Air customer service around the clock whenever you find it difficult to access its services.

So, you can get help when you need support from an expert. And there are multiple ways to get assistance from the support team which is as follows:


Over a Phone Call

  • Once you dial the Norwegian Air contact number, you can make flight reservations anytime to travel to your destination.
  • Also, the customer service team offers you all details about Norwegian Air flight bookings, discounts, sales, vacation trips, and so on.
  • By providing the flight information, you can customize Norwegian Air bookings as per the needs, and even the customer service may offer you the Norwegian Air flight discounts to your destination without any hassle.


Through Email

Norwegian Air support gives you an option to connect with customer service by email. An email can give you all the information that you need to use any service or facility given by the airline. Send an email to the support team and get a complete and reliable solution.


Live Chat

Norwegian Air customer service offers you live chat support as well. You can connect with the live chat service team to get assistance for any minute issue without any delay. All you need is to request a live chat and an executive of the live chat team will be assigned to you to discuss the problem with your flight bookings on Norwegian Air.


Learn the simple process of Norwegian airlines reservations flights

Norwegian airlines are the Ireland low-cost airline which operates 67 fleets across the globe and connects over 153 airports in 40 countries.

If you are ready to fly above the cloud and want to experience the comfort during the journey, then skip waiting and start the Norwegian airline reservations process by following the below-mentioned steps.


Follow the steps to reserve a seat on Norwegian flights.

  • At the beginning of the process, Go to the Norwegian website.
  • Following, Give “ City of departure” and “ City of Origin”.
  • Next, provide the date of travel.
  • Mention the class of traveling and add the number of passengers.
  • Hit on the button of search.
  • See all flights list moving to the desired destination.
  • Select one from the shown list.
  • You will be asked to provide all the required information about the passenger.
  • Complete the process of payment and receive the ticket on your mail-id.


Besides, above all the information to reserve the seat with Norwegian airlines, it is also required to learn more about the class of traveling before you book flight tickets. Let’s move down the street further to know the characteristic of classes in flight.


 Premium class-

  • Passengers can enjoy the seating with extra comfortable pillows with more comfortable seats.
  • As you board the flight, you will be given complimentary drinks and the best in-flight entertainment.
  • For Long haul flight passengers, they will provide a 3-course premium dinner and breakfast.

Economy Class-

  • It provides 3 fare types with an Economy cabin.

Low fare-

  • This fare allows only passengers to bring along a 1 carry-on and checked-in luggage. Passengers can request to add on services such as travel blanket, headsets, and priority boarding at an additional cost.


Whatever we have learned so far it’s all about to Norwegian airlines Flight reservations, if you are seeking further assistance you can call directly on their helpline number to get the immediate feedback or response.


Does Norwegian Air fly in the US?

Are you someone who has been planning to travel to the US via Norwegian Air? But have no idea if the airline still flies to the US airports or not? Well, ever since the 4th largest airline of Norway has decided to ground its Boeing 737 Max fleet, it has stopped its aviation operations on three transatlantic routes between North America and Ireland.

The three transatlantic routes include the following number of flights between selected destinations:

  • Providence, Rhode Island to Dublin: 4 weekly flights 
  • Newburgh, New York (New York Stewart International Airport) to Dublin: Daily flights
  • Hamilton, Ontario to Dublin: 3 weekly flights

Besides, Norwegian Air will not also be providing any connecting flights in Stockholm; Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark. However, once can still contact the Norwegian air customer service USA to get info on the functional routes on which the airline flies to. Now, read further to know about how you can find flights to the USA on Norwegian Air on functional routes without any hassle.

So, How To Find Flights To the USA On Norwegian Air?

As per the recent reports, Norwegian Air is still operating plenty of its flights between the United States and Europe. However, the flights are operated through mostly seasonal routes. Besides, Norwegian Air is operating its flights via other U.S. cities such as follows:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Los Angeles; Miami
  • New York JFK
  • Newark
  • Oakland
  • California
  • Orlando
  • Florida
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Tampa, Florida

Therefore, you can easily find flights to the aforementioned routes on Norwegian Air on it official website. You can mention any of the city as per your preference in the destination field and make your reservations for it. However, you can also connect with the Norwegian Air customer service and talk to the executives about making your reservations to your preferred destinations in the USA. In addition, the executives will also help you with finding you the best routes to save both time & money.


Norwegian Airlines Manage Booking

When you have made flight bookings on Norwegian Air and want to manage your flight tickets online, you can do that by going to its website. On the website of the airline, you can use Norwegian Air to manage my booking section to add a service to your bookings. You can even order meals of your choice for your flight bookings on Norwegian Air. In case, you are wondering about the process to manage a flight booking, you should stress too much as here is a step by step procedure to make it easy and simple for you. So go through the steps mentioned below and manage tickets.


Follow the Steps to Manage Your Flight Bookings

  • First of all, you need to visit the website of the Norwegian Air.
  • Once you reach there, you should scroll down to the bottom menu.
  • There under the Manage Booking sections, you have to choose the option that you want to do, for example, Check-in online.
  • Then you have to enter the Booking Reference, Last Name, and click Find Booking.
  • After that, you will find your flight booking details on the screen and you have to choose the option.
  • Further, follow the instructions displaying on the screen and complete the process.

This is how you will be able to manage your flight tickets on Norwegian Air and you won't see any hassle while doing so. Just in case, you see any trouble on Norwegian Airlines manage booking page, you can connect with the support team who is accessible around the clock.


Norwegian airlines cancellation policy

Are you stuck in such a situation that is affecting your travel with Norwegian Airlines? Or if you have changes in your plan and something urgent caught up? Then you shall not panic as with Norwegian airlines you can choose to either make changes in your reservations or may even cancel your flight. 

If you are stuck in such a situation that has not left any option but to cancel the flight then you must check the Norwegian Airlines cancellation policy to not only save your money but to avoid any hassle. This policy is mentioned below to help you. 


Learning About Norwegian Airlines Cancellation Policy! 

  1. To start with, a passenger who is canceling his flight within 24 hours of booking the ticket or flight departure will be eligible for a full refund. 

  2. If 24 hours have been passed then you can still cancel the flight but need to pay the cancellation fee. 

  3. If the flight is canceled just 4 hours before the departure then you will only be refunded with the airport and other government taxes. 

  4. To cancel the flight or check refund status, you can choose the “Manage My Reservation” option that is made available on the official website of the airlines. 


After referring to the above details, passengers will be getting guidance on what shall be done when canceling the flight. Let us also make you aware of the Norwegian Airlines money refund policy to give you a better idea of eligible refunds. 


Knowing About Norwegian Airlines Refund Policy! 

  1. A passenger who cancels his flight within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket will be eligible for a full refund. 

  2. If canceling a flight after 24 hours of booking but just 4 hours before departure then you will only be refunded with 25% of the fare charges which includes airport and other unused taxes. 

To further know how to cancel the flight with Norwegian Airlines you can refer to the steps below. 


Steps to Cancel Norwegian Airlines! 

  1. Open a web browser and head over to the booking API of the website from the search bar at the top. 

  2. Tap on the “Manage Booking” option and enter the booking number along with the last name on the page and tap “Next”. 

  3. You will then be required to find the details and then tap the “Cancel Booking” option. 

  4. Some terms related to cancellation will be displayed. Check the same and tap “Confirm”. 

  5. The cancellation confirmation and other details will be notified to you over the email. 

Passengers who need any further assistance are free to get in touch with customer support. 


How Much Does It Cost To Change A Flight On Norwegian Air?

Willing to change your bookings on Norwegian Airlines? But have no idea about the flight change cost on the airline? The airline does offer flexible fares comes with minimal flight change fee or no fee at all. However, there are some other flight change guidelines that also affect the flight change on the airline.

In this guide, you’ll be provided information about the flight hang cost on Norwegian Airlines. But in case, if you do not find the discussed information relevant, then feel free to get in touch with the Norwegian Air customer service. Hence, read this post further to know more.


Flight Change Fee On Norwegian Airlines

  • Norwegian Airlines lets you change its flight tickets (destination, date & time) for up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled flight’s departure. However, the airline does charge its flight change fee along with the applicable fare difference between the original booking and new flights.
  • If the passengers are traveling on a Low Fare or Low Fare+ flight tickets, then the airline charges £65 each way along with the applicable fare difference.
  • For passengers traveling on Flex, fares are not required to pay any flight change fee on Norwegian Air.
  • Passengers who have purchased the Low Fare, Low Fare+, or Premium fares, are required to pay £110 each way along with the applicable fare difference.
  • Passengers traveling on Flex or Premium Flex fare, Norwegian Air does not charge any of its flight change fees.


Contact Norwegian Air Customer Service For Flight Change

In case, if you have been wondering why Norwegian Air changed my flight, or wish to change your flight offline, then it is highly suggested that you contact the airline’s customer services. Besides, the Norwegian Air experts will also let you know about the exact flight change cost that might be different from the aforementioned ones depending upon your booking details & guide you with your flight change.


Support Page:

If you have any problem in using Norwegian Air services, you can reach the support page of the airline on its website. Once you reach the page, you can find any solution for your queries through the Search bar or can check the FAQ section to get information about the problem that you’re seeing with the airline.

Since there are multiple ways in which you can get help from the customer service team. The best way to get in touch with Norwegian Air customer support is by making a phone call. On a phone call, you connect with the support team instantly and the conversation happens between you and the support team member. So, there is no chance of miscommunication and dial the Norwegian Air contact number to book tickets.

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