How do I request a callback on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is amongst the largest revenue passenger kilometer aircraft. The main emphasis is on the branding of the primary in-flight crew rather than services like other airlines. There are so many destinations to cover and the large number of passengers it carries. The in-flight and on-ground staff is usually busy. Customer service has many options to contact them. But some customers prefer to speak to them with the callback facility. So the point of concern is How do I request a callback on Singapore Airlines if I want to?

For urgent help, call on local Singapore Airlines phone number +1 (833) 727-0118PPS Club members can make a request for a PPS callback via the mobile app or by sending an SMS message “PPS ” to +6591848888 .

How to get Singapore to call me back instead of waiting on hold?

You can request a callback from Singapore Airlines as you get through any of the modes given below:

Assistance request form:

The request form for assistance will allow you to talk with the Singapore agent to talk with you. Please take the following steps to request the Assistance request form:

  • Navigate through the website of Singapore Airlines,
  • Go to the Get Help section.
  • Select the category you need assistance.
  • On the following web page, the Assistance request form will appear. Select the concerned query from the given options. 
  • Provide your email address and phone number.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • With the submission, you give Singapore Airlines your personal information to contact you. That is how to get Singapore call me back instead of waiting on hold to get their assistance.

Through customer service:

Please consider the steps in the following section to speak with the Singapore agent to give you a callback:

  • Visit the website of Singapore Airlines.
  • Click on Contact Us.
  • Go to Speak with Us section.
  • Select the country and region and get the contact details.
  • Dial the Singapore airlines customer service phone number, +1-833-727-0118.
  • You will get to hear the IVR instructions. Listen carefully and follow the sequence the IVR gives you.
  • You will get to speak to the agent as you follow the instructions correctly.
  • Now you can talk to the Singapore agent and ask them to get back to you on your time and date preference.
  • You will get a callback as you requested them.

How much time does it take to get a callback from Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines will contact you immediately once they receive your callback request. When you submit the assistance form, Singapore Airlines will try to call back within 72 hours of submission of the request. When you take the help of customer service, they will ask for your preferred time and date and will contact you accordingly. So if you are wondering: How much time does it take to get a callback from Singapore Airlines, then you have the answer here.

How do I talk to a live person in Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines has been ranked as the world’s best Airline by Skytrax four times. This might have given you an idea of how trusted this Airline is and how satisfied the services and facilities would have been for its passengers. At the time of booking a flight or after it, there are a lot of questions that emerge in your head, and to answer them, you need to know how to contact an Airline. In this guide, you get to know all the ways.

How do I text Singapore Airlines?

The Airline also receives messages to convey the needed help to its passengers. If you are a member of the Singapore PPS Club, then you can send a message to Singapore Airlines. Though you have an option of calling but if you want to go with the message, just follow the simple steps given below:

  • First, you need to have a club membership number.
  • Write PPS
  • And send it to +6591848888

What is the phone number of Singapore Airlines?

The phone call is indeed the most mandatory way of contacting an Airline. If you want to fly with the Airline and looking for their contact numbers through which you can gather all the information about their facilities, ticket prices, and others, you could contact them at the above-given phone numbers:

  • USA - +1 (833) 727-0118
  • United Kingdom - 020 7660 8988
  • Canada - +1 416 945 0299
  • Brazil - + 0800 777-4227
  • China - +86-10-59407278
  • France - + 33 1 86 47 73 99
  • Germany - +49 69 1741 5659
  • Spain - +34 935472938 
  • Japan - +81 3 4578 4088
  • Austria - +49 69 174 15 659

How can I contact Singapore airlines via email?

You have an option of contacting Singapore Airlines through email also. For that, you just need to know the email address of the Airlines. Whatever the query is, whether it is related to your booking, baggage, check-in, any complaint or feedback, you just have to draft an email and send it to their official email address given below:

Does Singapore Airlines have live chat?

If you prefer to avoid talking to a stranger on call, you have the option of chatting as well. You will get a live chat assistant through which you can speak to a live person. This service is available 24/7, and you can send all your queries to them. The live assistant will help you with them with instant solutions:

  • Visit the official website of Singapore Airlines.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to “Support.”
  • Click on “Help,” scroll down and select your query.
  • Open the message box and click on chat now.
  • Accept the privacy policy and start chatting.

The above information will help you get someone at Singapore Airlines who can help you with your issues and make your journey comfortable and convenient. You can contact the Airline at any time as they provide 24/7 service. No problem will seem big if you know the methods to contact the Airline. For additional information, visit the official website of Singapore Airlines.


Singapore Airlines has many ways to contact them. But if you are looking for a callback option, you can submit the Request Assistance form to get help from them. You must provide your email and contact number to get a callback from them. You can get help from various other modes, such as chat and social support, to get them on board. But if your concern is does Singapore Airlines have a callback option, then yes, they have a callback service, as discussed here.


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