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Sun Country Airlines Upgrade to First Class

Upgrade Sun Country Airlines reservations (First Class)

Sun Country Airlines is a low-cost carrier airline of the United States which offers its customers the scheduled services to various locations. Further, to ensure that passengers don’t face any issue while traveling, the passengers are offered multiple services which include flight upgrade process. Further, for the passengers who have already booked their reservations with the airline and concerned about the Sun Country Airlines seat upgrade process here, they will be provided with the complete details that would them to manage their bookings accordingly. Besides, for the passengers who are not aware of the upgrade service, here is the basic information about this service.

Sun Country seat upgrade

For those who are not aware, Sun Country upgrade service allows the passengers to upgrade their bookings to business and first-class. However, during the upgrade process, it is required that the passengers make payment for the excess charges and seat upgrade fare. Further, to make the task of Sun Country Airlines upgrade to first-class simpler, the passenger can easily opt for the service via online mode. Also, one can also contact the reservation center of the airline for the same. Besides, upgrading reservations to the first class with Sun Country airlines is a simple task. Still, before initiating the upgrade process, it is required that the passengers have complete details about the upgrade policy.

Pointers to keep in mind before upgrading reservations to business class-

  • The seat upgrade process should be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 

  • Further, not all reservations are eligible for a seat upgrade. Hence, it is required that the passengers verify whether they are eligible or not. 

  • Also, for the upgrade process, it might be required that the passengers pay an additional charge for the seat upgrade. 

Now, How to Upgrade Reservations to the First Class:

  • For the seat upgrade process, the passenger is required to visit the airline website. 

  • Now, the passenger needs to navigate to the manage booking option. 

  • Then, the passenger is required to provide the details of the booked reservations and proceed with the upgrade process. 

  • Further, the details of the booking will be retrieved and passengers will be provided with a seat upgrade option. 

  • After that, the passenger needs to select that particular option and opt for a seat upgrade to the first class. 

  • Then, the passenger will be provided with the details of the excess fare and upgrade charges. 

  • And now, the passenger is required to verify the upgrade amount and make an online payment for the same. 

Note - And with the successful completion of this process, the reservations will be upgraded to first class.

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