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How do I check-in with swiss air?

How do I check-in with swiss air?

If you have booked a flight with Swiss Air and looking for the information about their check-in procedure than you are at the right place to get the information. Swiss Air check-in procedure is very simple and there are few options that allow the passengers to check-in to their flight with Swiss Air. To find Swiss Air check-in information you can visit its official website and there you will find the check-in information like the check-in options available with them. Further Swiss Air check-in information is given below.

What is the check-in procedure of Swiss Air?

Swiss Air provides the online check-in choice to the passengers where you can check-in 23 hours prior to scheduled departure. If you have this question in mind that how do I check-in online Swiss Air flight then follow the steps given below:

  • Visit Swiss Air official website and tap prepare section
  • Then go to online check-in option given below prepare section
  • From there click start online check-in option given in the middle left corner of screen
  • Enter passenger’s first and last name
  • Type your booking reference ID and tap retrieve booking button
  • Then select the flight to check-in and print your boarding pass or send it to your mobile device

Self-check-in at airport

Swiss Air has installed self-check-in devices at the airport where the passengers can check-in on their own. This check-in option is suitable for passengers who wish flexible and quick check-in. Once you check-in through a self-check-in device at the airport then you can printout out your boarding pass from there only for a certain amount of printing fee.

Airport counter check-in

The easiest and most common way to check-in with Swiss Air is airport counter check-in. you have to wait in a queue and check-in when your turn comes. Airport check-in staff will hand over your boarding pass to you once the check-in procedure is finished.

These are the ways you can check-in with Swiss Air. Swiss Air manage to booking allow the passengers to check-in online that is very convenient as you can check-in while sitting at home. Contact Swiss Air customer support for more help.

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