How do I Talk to a Real Person at Air Asia?

Air Asia is a low cost airline which does domestic or international flight and does make sure you do get the services which run all across the country . 

Ways through which you are easily able to get the services from air asia and what are the ways through which you can get the services of air asia . Herein, the ways through which you will easily come to know How do i talk to real person at air asia and be able to get their services  from there customers which you do wish to get from them within a given period of time.

How do I speak to a human at AirAsia?

If you need to ask about booking or have any other query, you can follow the steps below to speak to a human at AirAsia:-

  • Dial the AirAsia phone number 080-46662222, 080-67662222
  • Choose the service language and follow IVR running
  • You can select the concerned department in the first menu
  • Then choose the query you need to get help with
  • Say 'speak to a live agent' then stay on the phone
  • Once a live person is available, take your time and discuss the issues one by one 

In addition to the phone call process above, you can opt for chat support, email, social media, etc., to connect with the airline. 

How do I get a live agent on AirAsia?

If you would like to communicate with a representative of AirAsia, but you prefer chatting over the phone call option, then you need to use the Live chat option offered by the airlines. Continue reading to know where you can find the official live chat option to get your concern solved quickly.

  • You need to search for the official webpage of AirAsia on the browser.
  • Then on the homepage, you need to find the support option.
  • Under the support option, you will be able to see the contact us option.
  • Click on the option. On the following page, you can see various options that can be used to talk to a representative.
  • You need to click on the live chat option.
  • Once you are in the chat window, you need to wait until the agent gets online.
  • Once associated, begin the conversation.


How do I contact AirAsia customer service?

Helpline Numbers of Air Asia 

You can easily get in touch with the representatives of air asia by simply making a call on their toll free numbers .

  • Their toll free numbers are available 24x7 to assist their customers . 
  • You do have to hear the IVR options and do get connected to them .
  • Dial 1 to know about the reservation process of air asia .
  • Dial 2 to know about the check in procedure of the air asia .
  • Dial 3 to know about the baggage policy of air asia .
  • Dial 9 speaks to live chat representatives and is able to get their services which you wish to get from them within a given period of time .

You can raise your concern through the phone and get their services by simply connecting to them and  How do I contact air asia customer service being able to raise your concerns and get a quick reply to all your answers . 

There are several ways to connect with AirAsia. You only need to make sure that you have chosen the most convenient way for yourself. You can call them or even connect with them with the help of live chat. You only need to call upon the official number of Air Asia. After that, select the options from the IVR which are relevant to your query. After that, your issue will be quickly resolved. 

How do i contact AirAsia by Chat Services?

Chatting is one of the most prominent ways to get in touch with the representatives of air asia and does get its services within a given frame of time . 

Chatting is an open window which does provide you the platform under which you are easily able to get connected to their representatives. 

Chatting is the open virtual window option through which you can easily get connected through their representatives, the process through which you can raise your concerns . 

Ways Through which you can get connected through the air asia representatives . 

  • Firstly , do visit the official site of air asia . 

  • Do scroll down the screen under which you will easily come see a section which says contact us . 

  • Down there you will see a section which says live chat representatives are able to get their services by simply raising your queries and do get the right amount of help which you wish to get from them . 

How do I contact AirAsia via WhatsApp?

If you would like to contact the customer service of AirAsia using the Whatsapp number, you need to save the official number on your phone +60 11-3516 5078 and start chatting. Remember, the reply depends on the availability of the agent.

What is AirAsia official email address?

The official email address for AirAsia customer support is You can use this email to ask questions or inquire about your flight, booking, or any other concerns.

How do I contact air asia by email?

Email services of the air asia does provide you the assistance you wish to get there customers . There are many ways through which you will easily come to know How do I contact air asia by email and get their services within a given frame of time . 

Contact through live chat:

To contact through live chat. Follow the steps below. 

  • Get on the AirAsia Airlines website.
  • Now select the option of "Contact us."
  • On the next page, you'll see the possibility of "Live chat."
  • Choose the chat option, and then you'll come across the chatbox.
  • Select appropriate choices for your query, and it'll be soon resolved. 

Does AirAsia have call center? 

Yes, they have a call center, and it is open for you twenty-four hours a day. That means you can choose to connect with any day of the week according to your convenience. 

How can I contact AirAsia Malaysia?

Here are the steps you can follow to contact AirAsia Malaysia:-

  • Dial AirAsia Malaysia by phone at +60 3 2171 9222
  • Choose language and follow IVR to speak a live person
  • From the first menu, you can select the department you want to contact
  • Then say, talk to a live agent and stay on the phone 
  • In 5-10 minutes, the live person will join you with who you can share the queries 

In addition, you can contact AirAsia Malaysia by email. They also have a customer service line available 24/7 at +60 3 8777 9888. Additionally, you can reach out to them through their social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter.

How do I contact AirAsia Malaysia by email?

If you need to share any feedback, concern, compliment, etc., you can email anytime. Here are the steps you need to follow to contact Airasia via email:-

  • Sign in to your email account first
  • Click on the tab 'create a new email.'
  • In the subject 'write the description of your query
  • You can also mention 'your confirmation number and last name to speed up the process
  • Write your message in the body, and once the email is ready, you can send it at

How do I get a hold on AirAsia?

Whether you have a booking-related issue or need to ask about a general query, you can get a hold of AirAsia anytime. Here are the steps you can follow to contact the AirAsia representative.

  • Get on the official site of AirAsia online
  • You need to go to the contact us link on the page
  • Open the link, and you will get there various contact options are available.
  • Locate the phone call section, and from there, choose a desired phone number.
  • Once you get the number, call it to get a hold of AirAsia. 

How do I get a callback from AirAsia?

To request a callback from AirAsia, you can follow these steps:-

  • Visit the AirAsia website and navigate to the "Contact Us" page.
  • Select the "Callback" option from the available contact methods.
  • Enter your name, phone number, and preferred time for the callback.
  • Submit the request form.

A representative from AirAsia will call you back at the requested time. If you cannot reach them, try contacting them through their customer support line or email.

How do I contact AirAsia Philippines?

When you are facing issues, the best idea is to contact the customer service of the particular airline. If you are planning to travel with AirAsia and would like to contact the customer service of AirAsia Using the contact number, you can go through the points that are given below.

  • To call AirAsia from the Philippines, you can call an official at +63286727886.
  • Dial the customer service number. Then you have to pay attention to the commands in the automated voice.
  • Press the number accordingly and wait a while to connect to a representative.
  • Once the agent is associated with you, you can tell the concerns you have with AirAsia And get the popper solution.

How do I check-in AirAsia? 

Air Asia has made sure that you have enough ways to check-in. You can checkin by the methods mentioned below: 

  • Check-in at the Airport.
  • Check-in online through the website.
  • Check-in through the application of Air Asia.
  • Check through the Kiosk at the Airport.
  • Check-In through the help desk at the Airport. 

How much does it cost to change a name on a Air Asia ticket? 

The exact cost is going to be different from one booking to another. However, it will approximately cost you INR3000 to change the name on the Air Asia ticket. Once that has happened, you're ready to board the flight and continue your journey. You can change your name by going through the steps mentioned above. 

  • Get on Air Asia's official website.
  • Now select the option of "Manage Booking."
  • Enter the booking information and then press the option of search.
  • Once you have followed the option mentioned above, then you'll come across AirAsia's reservation.
  • Now open the booking and then select the option of changing the name.
  • Update the name and then save the changes you have made. 

In case your name has changed due to marriage. Then you would need to attach the marriage certificate. 

How do I get a refund from AirAsia? 

To get a refund from AirAsia. You need to fill-up the form. Once you have filled up the paper, then in a short period, your refund will be given to you through bank transfer. However, AirAsia can also give you a refund in the form of vouchers. 

You can follow the steps below to claim your refund. 

  • Get on AirAsia's website.
  • In the search bar, you need to write "Refund Form."
  • Fill up the form, and then you'll be able to claim your refund successfully. 

You need to make sure that you have attached the mandatory documents (Photo ID and the boarding pass). After that, you'll get a refund. 

How do I check my AirAsia refund? 

To check the refund status. Log in to your Air Asia account. After that, you'll be able to check the refund status. You can even contact customer support. They'll quickly take your details for verification purposes. After that, they'll share the required information with you. You can get a refund in different forms. It can be received in the condition of cash, voucher, or in the form of gift cards. 

Conclusion :- 

The ways mentioned above will act as the guidelines through you will easily come to know how you can get the services of the email and do get its services which you do need from them and do get its services through the different modes.

Is AirAsia open for international flights?

Yes, AirAsia is open for International Flights. If there are any changes, you can contact the customer service of the airline quickly and get the details that are required.

What testing is required for AirAsia?

No tests are required as of now to fly on AirAsia. But if there are any changes, immediately contact customer service and know about the tests that are required for you to travel.

What is AirAsia mobile check-in?

For check-in you can quickly use your mobile phone to check in. If you are familiar with online check-in, then mobile check-in would be easy for you.

  • You need to go to the app and then click on check-in.
  • Now enter booking code and your last name.
  • Choose the seats available and click on the check-in.

Do I need to self-check in AirAsia?

There is a self-check-in option as well if you would like to check in using web check-in, mobile check-in, and the kiosk machine check-in, but you can also use the traditional check-in if you are not comfortable with the online check-in.

How much check-in baggage is allowed in AirAsia?

You can carry up to 15 kg for free in AirAsia, and if you would like to carry more, you will have to pay the charges. To know about the charges, you can contact customer service.


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