WestJet Airlines Baggage Policy

Westjet airlines provide best in best quality service to its passengers. Policies are also well planned and passenger-friendly. For the comfort of passengers, policies may change from time to time. At present it is the second-largest airlines of Canada in terms of passenger flew per day. It is also known for the best in foodservice. Westjet airlines operate more than hundreds of destination and operate from Canada. This is also one of the cheapest flights that operate in domestic and international routes.

Westjet airlines upgrade their services on passengers demand. WestJet airlines baggage fees are not that much for the passengers. It will charge only $100 CAD for the third and fourth bag. For the first and second bag, there is no extra charge. Charges are also varying from class to class.

Westjet airline carry-on bag policy

  1. Small bags are allowed with passengers inside the cabin.
  2. No extra charges for a carry-on bag up to weight 10 kg.
  3. additional charges are depending upon bag weight.
  4. Maximum WestJet airlines baggage weight is 10 kg
  5. Sports equipment bags are not chargeable.
  6. Additional charges on oversized bags.

Westjet Checked carries bag policy

  • Checked carries bag allows up to 2 bags only.
  • Maximum westjet airlines baggage weight is 23kg.
  • Additional charges may apply on oversized bags.

For big bags, airlines charged an amount of $30.00 CAD which is approx equal to $35.40 USD for the first bag, $50.00 CAD which is equal to $59.00 USD for the second bag as per WestJet Airlines baggage weight policy. Additional fees are in the Canadian dollar and including tax. Westjet airlines provide above baggage facilities free of cost but if the size and quantity of bags increased then according to WestJet airlines baggage allowance, passengers need to pay additional charges for the same. For further assistance call to West Jet helpline number.

Note- Can I Pre-pay for Baggage?

:-WestJet Airlines does not allow passengers the ability to pre-pay for luggage.
:-Unfortunately, this means passengers must pay at the ticketing counter Of WestJet at the airport.

WestJet Airlines Reservations Number

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