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What is El Al Airlines Cancellation Policy?

What is El Al Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Do you want to cancel your EL AL flight? If yes, then you must know the El Al allows hassle-free cancellation to help its customers tackle last-minute plan change situations. To know more about how you can cancel your El Al flight, you may read further.

El Al Airlines is an Israel-based airbus service provider, that connects several major domestic and international airports. El Al Airlines is famous for giving amazing in-flight services that include delicious food and beverages, instant assistance, and comfortable seats. El Al is also famous for its passenger-friendly cancellation policy. The cancellation policy of El Al allows the passengers to cancel their pre-booked flight without worrying about their refund. Now you might think, what is El Al Airlines cancellation policy? Here is the answer to your question.

El Al Airlines Cancellation Policy- Overview 

EL Al 24 hours cancellation policy 

El Al Airlines allows a free cancellation within 24 hours of the actual purchase. So, if the passengers of El Al cancel their flight within 24 hours, then they will not be charged any cancellation fee for it. All types of El Al fares are refundable up to 24 hours from the original time of purchase.

Cancellations after 24 house of the purchase 

El Al Airlines charges a cancellation fee for cancellations done after 24 hours of the original purchase. Passengers of El Al who wish to cancel their flight after 24 hours, will have to pay a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee depends on the time left for the departure and the type of ticket. 

How to cancel a flight with El Al Airlines?

The passengers of El Al Airlines can cancel their flight using many different ways. But the most convenient way of canceling a flight with El Al is online. To cancel an El Al flight, passengers may follow the steps given below:

  1. To cancel a flight with El Al, the passengers first need to visit the official website of El Al.
  2. Now the passengers need to head over to the El Al Manage Booking section.
  3. In the El Al Manage Booking section, the passengers need to search for their flight and select it to get through the flight details page.
  4. On the El Al flight details page, passengers will find a cancellation option that they need to select to cancel their flight.

After this, El Al passengers need to claim their refund for their canceled flight. Now you might think, How do I get a refund from El Al Airlines? To get a refund from El Al airlines, the passengers need to make a refund request for their canceled flight.

How do I get a refund from El Al Airlines?

The passengers of El Al Airlines can make their refund requests either online or through call. If the passengers cancel their flight online, then they will get a refund request option after completing the cancellation process. They can simply click on the refund option and make a refund request by filling the request form. Or, they can also contact the customer care service of El Al to make their refund request.

If you still have this query, what is El Al Airlines cancellation policy? Then you can speak to a live person at El Al Airlines customer service. You can also check out the official website of El Al to fetch more details. 

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