What is The Baggage Allowance on KLM Flights?

KLM Airlines is liked by everyone due to its perfect baggage allowance that you can get on a flight at any time perfectly. There are most of the passengers consider KLM Airlines as one of the best flight booking services on its booking website simply. If you are one of them and have booked a flight ticket online, you must gather some important information about its baggage allowance on KLM flights to make your flight journey perfect every time. You can carry 2 pieces of checked baggage up to 23 kg if you have booked a flight ticket in economy class but if you have booked a flight ticket in business class, you are allowed to carry only 3 pieces of checked baggage with you simply. If you want to secure your booking and want to make the journey suitable, you must know the baggage allowance with KLM airlines perfectly.

What is The Baggage Allowance on KLM Flights?

KLM Airlines would help you with baggage allowances that are not fully strict like others at the check-in. But especially, if you are going to check your baggage for your recent flight booking, you are required adhering the KLM flights baggage policy that would help you to choose the best baggage to travel in this airline in a suitable manner. If you want to learn baggage allowance with KLM Airlines, must read the policies listed down.

Here are the best points for baggage policy of KLM Airlines:

  1. · For general check-in, you may carry 2 pieces of a bag of 23 kg in Economy class and to get extra baggage you can purchase allowance.
  2. · You are flying with Blue Silver, Gold, and Platinum members, you can avail extraordinary support get an allowance for the baggage.
  3. · It is a Sky Team Elite and Elite Plus member who can bring 1 extra item of check-in baggage of the same dimensions and weight in the business class.
  4. · You can choose a standard baggage allowance on international flights where you can check only one bag and one carry-on item.
  5. · If you have booked a domestic and international flight, you can carry some extra baggage at $100 per head.
  6. · If you care by checking 1 bag with more than 62 inches you might have to pay $30 and for the second, you might charge $45.
  7. · KLM Airlines allows you to carry on with clothes and get some electronic items under the seat bag simply.

You can check out your baggage during flight check-in and carry-on baggage within a short period of time. In case you find your baggage overweight, you need to check out the luggage along with its fee structure that helps you to choose the best bag with you during a flight journey. However, if you find something wrong and unable to check your baggage under baggage allowance, you can feel free to contact our customer representative team by making a call at the KLM flights helpline number that is available to help you at any time.

How many bags does KLM allow on international flights?

The airline allows international flight baggage. It depends on your ticket type. Each ticket varies the baggage allowance, and you must visit the official website and get information about the baggage allowance according to your ticket type. You can read the information here as well: 

  • Economy Class Allowance;

Passengers can bring several checked bags when traveling in the Economy Class, depending on multiple details, such as their destination and ticket type. They can always purchase extra bags during or after booking. KLM airline always offers the following baggage allowance per ticket type: 

  1. No checked baggage is included if you are traveling under a light ticket. 

  2. When you book the flight ticket on the standard or flex, 1 item of checked baggage up to 158 cm( length+width+height), including handles and wheels, with a maximum weight of 23kg. 

  • Business Class Allowance: 

If the traveler books the flight in business class, they can bring 2 checked luggage items. The baggage can be up to 158 cm and includes handles and wheels with a maximum weight of 32kg. 

  • Premier Comfort Class Allowance: 

Suppose the traveler books their seat in premium comfort class; they are allowed to bring 2 checked luggage items. The baggage length+width+height, including handles and wheels the dimension should be up to 158 cm with a maximum weight of 23kg. 

Does KLM charge for baggage on international flights? 

The passengers must pay the charges if they do not meet the KLM airline baggage policy requirement. The passenger should pay the charges if the dimensions and weight exceed those on an international flight. 

How much luggage is allowed on an international flight? 

 The luggage is allowed on an international flight depending on the ticket type. The airline is allowed 1 baggage in economy class; the weight should be 23kg, and the length should be 158 cm. On the other side, KLM is allowed to bring 2 baggage in business class, and the weight and dimension should not get exceeded. If it exceeds business or economy, you must pay the charges. 

How many kg does KLM allow?

The airline allows passengers up to 23kgs but also varies on ticket type. They can read the information or speak with the airline representative, who will provide quick information on their issue. Here are some:

  • The checked bag’s dimensions should not exceed 158cm/62 inches. 
  • The total weight of a bag should not be more than in business class-70lb/32kg. 
  • The economy class total weight of baggage should not be more than 50 lb/23kg. 
  • Travelers will need to ship their baggage as cargo if their checked baggage exceeds 70lb/32kg in weight. 
  • If the traveler carries more than 10 checked bags, they must ship their baggage as cargo. 
  • If you are traveling with the lap infant, the baggage allowance for children under 24 months old who are not traveling on a paid ticket is one handbag. The maximum weight of baggage is 26lb/12kg. You must pay the charges if the baggage weight and dimension get exceeded. 
  • If you have brought any sports equipment, the weight should be 23 kg. If the weight gets exceeded, you must pay the charges. To get more information about sports equipment, read the information on the website. 

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