What is The Name Change Policy of The Alitalia?

For all the people who look for the booking ticket on Alitalia Airlines can take the help of their easy going flight policies and then book flights on the affordable rate. But sometimes people are not able to book flights or even make changes because they are not really aware of the policies. If that’s the case with you too then following tips might help you with the answers.

Steps to change the name on flight booking on Alitalia Airlines

In a hurry, we all have made blunders and mistype the name of the passengers which is totally okay. If you have also ended up entering the wrong name of the passengers then no worries because you can always fix the issue with the help of the Alitalia change name policy. Here is how you can do.

On the website of the airline

  1. To change the name of the passenger or to rectify the spelling mistake, first of all go to the airline’s website and then tap on the section of manage booking and then find out the option to change the booking.
  2. Now on the main page, enter the booking number or the PNR of your confirmed flight reservation and then later enter the name of the passenger to attach all the details of the passenger.
  3. Now quickly search for the edit option which will allow you to make the changes on the booking and then proceed ahead.
  4. Next while making the changes in the passenger’s name, you would only be allowed to rectify the spelling mistake and nothing else.

On the call to the call center of the airline

You can even call on the helpline number of the airline and then let them know that you have made mistake while making the booking on the flight and then you can give them the correct spelling of your name and then request them to make the changes on the booking.

Flight name change policy of the Alitalia Airlines

  1. If you are making changes on the passenger’s name then it strictly means that you are making correction to the name of the passenger spelt wrong. However the spelling can be corrected only up to two or three characters.
  2. The changes can be made only up to the three or two characters and not more than that.
  3. Also if you need to make changes in the official name of the passenger then you can do that too but for that you might need to submit the legal documents first and then proceed with the booking process.
  4. The airline will permit to make changes in the booking only till 24 hours left for the flight booking process.
  5. Moreover, if you need then you can also make changes in the official name then airline would also charge some fee on your booking.

And that’s all for the changes to be made on the booking. If needed then reach out on the contact number of the airline with the help of the Alitalia airlines phone number.

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