Why Is Spirit Cancelling Flights Today?

Spirit Airlines is a budget friendly airline in North and South America having its headquarters in Miramar, Florida.  There can be unforeseen circumstances where Spirit has to cancel flights. Due to such cancellations, passengers have to face the brun and get irritated unnecessarily.

In case you are  wondering why is spirit cancelling flights todays?you shall find below the possible reasons-

  1. There can be a possibility of bad weather conditions, due to which visibility might be a factor and because of which there might be turbulence above.
  2. Strike called by the pilots, labour unions, or the ground staff working for Spirit Airlines. The major issue can be of wages or long working hours.
  3. One of the possible fear is that of a terrorist activity. Plane hijacking by terrorists is a one of incident. But before it happens, and the authorities get to know about it, there is a possibility of complete shut down of the flight services for a day or two, till the enemies of the state are put behind the bars.
  4. Covid-19 has led to a disaster of flight management around the world. Innumerous flight cancellations have happened because of it.Though, slowly and steadily, things are improving, and we can see a revival of the airline industry, however the threat still looms large.
  5. Mechanical/Technical Issues- Behind the scenes a lot of preparation keeps taking place, before the flight is ready for departure. Additionally, many maintenance checks are done and rechecked to ensure it is operational. A cancellation because of technical issues results in delay of the flight, if the airline sees that it is taking a reasonable amount of time, it usually cancels the flight.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy 

Therefore, spirit cancelling ticket can be quite annoying as a matter of fact. Therefore, if you have booked your ticket with Spirit , you must be wondering whether you can claim a refund on it.

  1. Any passenger who is eligible to receive a refund from Spirit Airlines can do so by submitting a request to their customer care or by sending an online request form. Based on the refund policy of Spirit Airlines, a passenger becomes entitled to obtain a full refund for a cancelled flight ticket within twenty four hours of the departure of the flight. 
  2. The ticket refund is directly transferred to the bank account of the eligible passenger in compliance with the policy of Spirit Airlines, having said that, it should be noted that, the departure of such flight should be seven days ahead and should be cancelled twenty four hours before.
  3. Spirit Airlines refunds the amount of the ticket only to the bank account used to purchase that flight ticket.
  4. There is also an involuntary flight refund policy of the Airlines which means that, in case the Spirit fails to offer a seat to a passenger who has purchased a booking or there has been re-routing of the flight and there are no additional flights in that case, Spirit provides a full refund.
  5. You can reach the spirit airlines phone number and ask for hotel accommodation in case your flight has been delayed overnight or cancelled overnight. Then it becomes imperative for the Airlines to do the needful.

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