Will Delta Give Me a Refund?

Travel plans often change and sometimes many circumstances also come whenever your airline carrier cancels your flight due to varied specific reasons. But the only thing that comes to your mind after flight cancellation refunds that every airline proffer and it also depends on the varied things. If you made your reservations with Delta Airlines, then you can completely eligible for getting the refund on the canceled flight whether it is canceled by you or the airlines. But most of the passengers ask will Delta give me a refund and if you also have the same question, then you should know about the refund policy which is highly required to know.

What is Delta Airlines Refund Policy?

Has your flight suddenly canceled or you have canceled your Delta flight due to any kind of specific reason? Then you can very simply make a refund request as Delta provides the refund on the canceled flight. You can follow the below Delta Airlines refund policy before you make any kind of request for a refund:

  1. You are eligible to get a full refund if you cancel your Delta flight within 24 hours of booking or purchasing your ticket.
  2. You can only get a refund on Delta if you have a refundable ticket and in some situations 1(802) 810-1234, you may also make refund requests that depend on the conditions of travel.
  3. If your Delta flight is delayed or canceled due to any specific reason, then you can also get a refund on your canceled flight.

Can I cancel my Delta Airlines flight and get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your Delta flight reservation and get a refund for the same. This condition applies only when you follow the official rules. If you have a need to cancel your Delta flight booking, use the following process and the rules that are mentioned in Delta Airlines Refund Policy. Here, you should use the following steps to cancel the flight and get a refund. The refund is always given in the original form of payment to the traveler.

How do I request a refund from Delta?

When you plan to visit your required destination, but after making the bookings, you get a call from the office. Then they force you to attend a meeting on your departure date, due to which you are canceling the flight and applying for a refund. While traveling with Delta airlines, you will get the facility of offers, special arrangements for disabled passengers, etc. If you find issues, you can also cancel the flight and apply for a refund. To know the detailed procedure and policies to get a refund from Delta airlines, you need to read below. 

What are the refund policies of Delta airlines?

Refund policies of Delta airlines provide information to the passenger that they will be eligible to get the refund or not. These policies are mentioned below. 

  • Cancelation did by the passenger within 24 hours of bookings the flight from the official website of Delta airlines is entirely refundable. You will not need to pay a flight cancelation fee. 
  • If you exceed the 24 hours free window time, you need to pay the flight cancelation fee, and then you will refund. 
  • You book the flight using any voucher, offer, or deal and then cancel the flight. In that case, you will receive any amount you will get a coupon which is valid for the next 12 months.
  • If you cancel the flight due to any medical issues or death that happens in your family and the time left on the departure date is less than a month, then you will need to show the medical certificate. You will receive the total fare amount in a refund after canceling the flight. 
  • If your flight is delayed for an hour or canceled by Delta airlines, you are eligible to receive the total fare amount in a refund, or if you want, you can also reschedule your flight without paying any charges. 

How do I know if my Delta flight is refundable?

When you buy a ticket from the official website of Delta airlines, you have to choose whether you need a refundable ticket or a non-refundable ticket. If you want to check this, you have to go to the manage booking section on the official website of Delta airlines, and after filling in the details, your bookings will open. On that page, you can see the refundable option if your ticket is refundable or if you want, then you can also call 1800 123 6645 and ask your query with the official representatives of Deta airlines. 

What is the procedure to apply for the refund?

Follow the below procedure to apply for a refund: 

  • Open the website of Delta airlines in your browser. 
  • Next, click on the manage bookings page and fill out the passenger's surname and booking reference number in the available space. 
  • Now you can see the bookings you need to choose that reservation you want to cancel. 
  • After this, click to modify bookings and then the cancel option. 
  • Following this, you need to fill out the reason for flight cancelation and cancel the flight. 
  • If you see any charges available, you must pay them using a card or other modes. 
  • You need to search for the refund application form, fill out the mandatory details, and submit it. 
  • Last you will receive a message of canceling the flight and successfully applying for the refund. 

The above steps will help you to know about the  Process of Cancellations and Refunds of Delta Air Lines. Still, if any query has been unsolved, then you can also connect with the official representatives of Delta airlines. 

How to cancel and get a refund for Delta booking?

Follow this process and cancel your booking as per the official rules.

  1. To begin with, go to the official Delta Airlines website through the web browser.
  2. On the primary page, select the My Trips option and give the login credentials.
  3. Choose the booking you wish to cancel and click on the Modify Flight option.
  4. Initiate the flight cancellation process and give the required details.
  5. When you provide these details, you will be able to cancel your flight successfully.
  6. After this, you should navigate to the refund form section and start filling it.
  7. Here, you are required to give the required credentials and use it to receive the credit.
  8. Now, fill all the mandatory fields and submit it to get the refund.

Delta Airlines Refund Policy

  1. Get a 100% refund of the booking amount when it is canceled within 24 hours.
  2. Unused ticket portions will be returned as a refund when a booking is canceled by Delta.
  3. To get the refund, use the online refund or contact the official support team.

You can also contact Delta Airlines Customer Service to get the additional details to gain the refund. Here, you will gain the important details related to the valid process to gain the refund. The assistance is active 24/7 for any traveler to use.

How to get a refund with Delta Airlines Customer Service?

Are you getting any kind of difficulties whenever making a refund request? Or you don’t have any idea about the refund policy of Delta Airlines? Then you should contact the customer service team through the below options:

Via Online Chat: You can chat with the Delta team with the help of online chat where the team of customer service will help you during the chat regarding the refund-related issues.

  1. Dial - 800-847-0578 Delta Airlines Refund Policy Phone Number of Live Agent.
  2. call 800-847-0578 or 404-715-5417 8:00am-5:00pm EST

Via Email: By dropping an email regarding the refund to Delta Airlines, you can also get in touch with the customer service after getting their revert.

  1. Email: Delta Corporate- deltaprofessional@delta.com, or charter@delta.com 
  2. Postal Address: Headquartered in Atlanta, Delta operates significant hubs and key markets in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Minneapolis-St.
  3. Via Phone: You can easily and directly contact the Delta Airlines customer service team after dialing their toll-free number available to proffer the best assistance on all kinds of refunds or other queries related to Delta. You can very easily gain this assistance 24/7 after dialing this number.

How to submit a complaint to Delta for cancellation?

In case you want to submit a complaint for cancellation, then you can do it with the help of several modes like a complaint form, over a phone call, live chat, or you can also send an email request to make a complaint because these are the finest mediums available on the official website of Delta airlines. Suppose you have made a complaint online or offline and you are confused about How long does it take Delta to respond to a complaint, then it will be applicable to the method you have chosen to make a complaint. Therefore, if you want to know how to make an official complaint with Delta airlines with several mediums, read the following passage reference.

Use the following modes to address the complaint on Delta airlines:

Via complaint form: The first option you can request for cancellation would be the complaint form; for that, you will have to follow the below-written points for help and guidance.

  • Visit the official website of Delta airlines.
  • Go to the contact us section and tap over the complaint/compliment tab.
  • Now, you have to fill complete details of your ticket like the booking reference number, your name, and other necessary ticket detail information. 
  • After that, tap on submit button, and your request will get submitted, and you will receive a confirmation mail after your ticket is canceled directly from Delta airlines.

By Delta airline phone service: Suppose you have to cancel your Delta airline tickets; then you have the option that is Delta phone number, through which you can reach in direct contact of live representative and you can easily discuss your query.

Drop email for cancellation: If you drop an email under which you describe your query for flight cancellation by giving complete information for a ticket like PNR code, full name, and other details, then within 24 hours, you will get the response for help accordingly.

Delta Airlines Refund FAQs:

  1. How do I submit a complaint to Delta?
  2. Can I send an email to Delta Airlines?
  3. How do I email Delta Corporate?
  4. How do I contact Delta for a refund?
  5. How do I email an airline complaint?
  6. How long does it take Delta to respond to a complaint?
Frequently Asked Questions
Is It Possible To Cancel A Non-Refundable Delta Flight Ticket?

Yes, you can cancel a non-refundable ticket but you have to bear some cancellation charges. The amount may rely on the factors, like when you have canceled the ticket and which class you were supposed to travel to. After deduction, Delta Airlines refund will be transferred to the credit account. It may take some time from 7 to 8 days. 

How Can I Apply For A Refund After Delta Flight Cancellation?

Delta airlines allow you to apply for a refund. If you have canceled the flights 24 hours after purchasing or any other circumstances, then you have to fill an online form. Here, you have to mention the booking details and the reason for the cancellation. This form is available on the website or you can fill it just after the cancellation.

When I Do Not Have To Pay Any Kind Of Cancellation Charges?

There are certain places where you don’t have to pay any charge for cancellation.


  • If you are traveling within the US, then you are eligible to cancel the tickets without any charges
  • If the boarding is originating from North America and the destination is anywhere in the world, then after cancellation, you don’t have to pay a fee
  • If you are traveling from the place that covers between US and Mexico, even an airline will not charge a

When Can I Cancel The Delta Ticket And Get A Refund?

Airlines provide a refund in many conditions but there are some restrictions. We have covered them below, and you can go through them.


  • If you have to cancel the tickets within 24 hours of purchasing, then you can get the full refund
  • If your purchasing and cancellation is on the same day or on the day of travel, then even with 24 hours policy, you will not receive a full refund
  • If you cancel the nonrefundable ticket, then the airline will deduc

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