What Are Wow Air Name Change Policy?

Do you want to learn about Wow Air's policy on name changes? This page will provide you with the necessary information about the rules for changing your name on a flight ticket. If you provided the wrong name on a ticket during the initial purchase, you might be able to change it under some circumstances. Wow Air does have flexible policy that allows you to change the name on tickets you've already purchased through a quick procedure. Here you can learn more about Wow Air's name change policy in greater depth. In addition, you can find information on the procedure for cancelling a flight as well as their refund policy.

What is the name change policy of Wow Air?

If you provide the passenger's name incorrectly on a flight, you can change it according to their policy. If you don't know much about Wow Air name change policy, you can get the information you need from below.

  • According to Wow Air policy, a passenger who has provided the name on a ticket with a minor spelling error has 24 hours from the time of the initial booking to correct it.
  • Furthermore, under name change policy, a passenger can replace the last name on a booked ticket in legal situations such as marriage or divorce.
  • Wow Air can only allow a last name change if the passenger presents legal documentation such as a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate.
  • For a name change, they charges $91 per passenger, although correcting a minor spelling error costs $18 per guest.

Learn how to change your name on a Wow Air flight?

Based on the name change policy of Wow Air, a passenger can edit the name on ticket by visiting the official website of the airline. By following the steps outlined below, you will learn how to change your name on a flight.

  • To begin, go to Wow Air's official website and navigate to manage booking tab
  • Then you need to provide your booking code and last name
  • After that, press search to view all your booking with Wow Air
  • Next you must choose the flight on which you have to apply a name change
  • Finally, you can edit the name on ticket as per your requirement and pay the applicable fee

Get details about the refund policy of Wow Air?

You've come to the right place to learn how Wow Air offers flight refunds, which will come in handy if you ever find yourself in a situation like this. All of the relevant details about Wow Air refund policy is mentioned in points below.

  • According to the refund policy all flight bookings will be refunded in full if cancelled within 24 hours of booking.
  • Once Wow Air has approved the refund request, the passenger will receive the refund in the very same transaction that they used to pay for the flight booking.
  • Furthermore, they will credit the refund balance to the passengers within 7 business days. In the event of a delay in receiving a refund, passengers can contact their bank or payment system.
  • If you cancel a flight within 7 days of the scheduled departure date, they will not issue you a full refund as they will deduct the cancellation fee from the actual ticket price.

Know about the flight cancellation policy of Wow Air?

A passenger expected to fly could be forced to cancel their flight due to unexpected circumstances. Wow Air provides passengers with the option of cancelling a flight in a very practical manner in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. The following points include the most pertinent information about Wow Air cancellation policy.

  • Once you've booked a flight, you can cancel the tickets up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. You can do that on the Wow Air’s official website, via mobile app, either at the airport.
  • If you are willing to cancel a flight that you have booked due to an emergency. To get the service for free, you must apply for cancellation within 24 hours of the initial purchase.
  • If, on the other hand, you fail to cancel a flight within 24 hours of the initial purchase or within one week of the scheduled departure, you will be charged an additional fee for cancellation.
  • Furthermore, flight tickets purchased through a travel agent can only be cancelled through the travel agent; otherwise, you would be unable to cancel the flight.
  • According to Wow Air's flight cancellation policy, they must submit a refund request to the airlines after cancelling the ticket in order to receive the money they paid for it in the first place.

Complete information about the name change policy of Wow Air, as well as other information such as their cancellation and refund policies, are detailed above. If you need any additional assistance, please contact the Wow Air customer service team for help.

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