Allegiant Air Missed Flight Policy

Do you often think about what happens if you missed an Allegiant Air flight? It could happen to someone who needs to catch an Allegiant Air flight but is unable to get to the airport in time and therefore misses it. Around the same time, Allegiant Air, which is known for its customer service, has specific rules in place to cover passengers' losses if they miss a flight. Likewise, Allegiant Air allows passengers to cancel a flight and receive a refund under certain circumstances. Take a look at the details below to know all about missed flight policy of Allegiant Air.

What is the missed flight policy of Allegiant Air?

If you've missed your Allegiant Air flight and aren't sure what to do next, don't worry; they have a sound policy in place to deal with such circumstances. More precise details about the Allegiant Air missed flight policy are described below.

  1. No credit will be granted if you miss your Allegiant Air flight and do not turn up at the airport. Your entire fare, including taxes, will be forfeited for the flight that you have missed by Allegiant Air.
  2. If you failed to cancel a flight within the stated time frame prior to the scheduled departure time, no credit will be granted by Allegiant Air.
  3. Allegiant Air does not compensate travelers for missed flights; however, they can only get a refund for their fare if they cancel it themselves within a certain time frame.

What is the flight cancellation policy of Allegiant Air?

A few people could be looking forward to cancelling an Allegiant Airlines reservation due to the occurrence of a more significant event. In that case, Allegiant Airlines allows travelers to cancel their flights if they meet certain terms and conditions laid out in a separate policy. You must read the information below in order to comprehend the rules outlined in Allegiant Air cancellation policy.

  1. Allegiant Airlines flight cancellation service allows passengers to cancel a flight up to 24 hours from the time of purchase if the scheduled departure is more than 7 days away without a charge.
  2. When Allegiant Air passenger cancels a flight beyond 24 hours from the time of purchase, the airline will charge an additional fee.
  3. Allegiant Air promises a full refund if a flight is cancelled within 7 days of departure in the passenger's original payment form.
  4. If a non-refundable ticket is cancelled, Allegiant Air give a credit voucher that the passenger can use to book a new flight or some other service with them.
  5. Allegiant Air's option to cancel a flight is provided to passengers via an online portal accessible through the airline's official website.

What is the refund policy of Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Air offers refunds for cancelled flights, with the amount repaid to passengers depending upon its refund policy. If you are intending to cancel your flight and want to learn more about the Allegiant Air refund policy, read the following points.

  1. Allegiant Air's refund policy states that if passengers cancel a flight within 24 hours of the original purchase and the departure is planned after 7 days, they can receive a full refund.
  2. If your cancelled flight tickets is refundable, Allegiant will process your refund in the payment method you used to purchase it in the first place.
  3. When you cancel a non-refundable flight, you will receive a credit voucher that you can use on a future Allegiant Air flight booking inside one year of the issue date.
  4. Allegiant Air allows you to seek a refund for a cancelled flight after 24 hours, and they will grant the refund money after deducting the cancellation fee from the original payment.

Furthermore, you can contact Allegiant Air customer service as soon as you missed a flight to learn about your choices for preventing losses. Allegiant Air stipulates certain provisions for passengers cancelling flights under certain circumstances, as well as providing them with a refund. Allegiant Air's customer service department can be reached at any time for help with a missed flight or to cancel your ticket due to an emergency. With the aid of a well-trained team of executives who are well-versed in their rules and policies, Allegiant Air provide full assistance to customers for any form of question.

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