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For those passengers who wish to save their travel time, the airline has introduced an online check-in process for them. And for those who are not aware of this service can follow the simple procedure discussed below:

  • For the online check-in process, the passenger needs to launch the airline website and look for the check-in option.
  • After that, the passenger is required to click on that particular option and proceed with the check-in process.
  • Then, you need to enter your booking code, name and ID number in the provided fields and click on the check-in button.
  • Thereafter, you will be provided with the details of your reservations and an option to enter the details of your baggage.
  • Further, enter the details of your baggage and once your baggage is signed in you will be provided with the boarding pass.
  • After that, download or print your boarding pass as per your requirement.

Besides, you can also check-in at the airport in case if you have a lot of spare time or contact China Eastern customer service for desired assistance.

Things that you need to know before booking your flight ticket with China Eastern Airlines...

Headquartered in Shanghai, China Eastern Airlines is one the major Chinese airline which operates scheduled services to various domestic, international and regional destinations. Further, to ensure the comfort and safety of the passengers the airline has even introduced various services and policies. And to gather details about these services you can contact China Eastern customer service.

Worldwide Destinations offered by China Eastern Airlines...

There are many customers who are not aware of the routes of China Eastern Airlines which can confuse them while booking reservations. Well, if you are not aware the airline is quite active on the routes in Australia, North America, and Asia. However, the airline is planning to expand its scheduled services to other international destinations. Further, to gather more information about the destinations, you can also reach out to China Eastern customer service.

China Eastern Airlines Baggage Policy

For the security and convenience of the passengers, the airline has even introduced baggage policy that one needs to keep in mind before traveling to avoid excess baggage charges and other related issues:

  • In the case of the unchecked baggage, the passengers are allowed to carry a maximum of 2 baggage in first class and 1 baggage in business and economy class with a maximum weight of 10 Kg each.
  • Further, the dimension for the baggage might vary with domestic and international flights which you can confirm by contacting China Eastern customer service.
  • And in case of checked baggage, the standard limit for the baggage is set to a maximum of 2 pieces of baggage with a maximum weight of 32 in first-class and business, and 23 Kg in economy class.
  • Moreover, the standard dimension for the checked baggage is set to 158 cm for each baggage.
  • Besides, if the passengers carry excess baggage, then they might pay additional fees.


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