How do I change my First Name on British Airways?

British Airways is one of the best airlines that has been working around the clock to connect up to 154 destinations. It has been operating, intending to provide world-class air travel service to its customers. Making air travel easy, this airline took several initiatives from cheap flight booking to travelling in a group.

Every year, many book their flight with BA, but some are unable to reserve it correctly and tend to make some mistakes. The most common one is their names which they want to change after completion of the reservation. They should perform it by using any change in its name on BA booking.

How To Change My Name On British Airways Booking?

You can efficiently perform this process by calling the BA support team and using the method given here.

  1. Dial the official customer service contact number of British Airways to talk to its live person.
  2. Use the voice commands by its IVR and press 0 or # to connect with its support representative.
  3. Enter the secondary voice menu and press 1 to continue with the default language (English).
  4. Press 2 for help in the French language.
  5. Press 3, get support in the Portueguese.
  6. Press 4, obtain assistance in Chinese Mandarine.
  7. Press 5 to continue using support from its live person.
  8. On getting connected, ask him to resolve the name change issue for the BA flight reservation.
  9. Ask him to resolve the spelling error in name only when all flights on your ticket are operated by BA.

You may need to send a copy of any document endorsing your name change status on your flight. To gain more information about How Do I Change My Name On British Airways? You can send an email to the customer service team of this airline and ask him to through its 24/7 active support about the name change.

How Much You Need To Pay For The BA Name Change Process?

British Airways do not charge anything for the task of changing a name on the BA flight. However, if there are some taxes or charges imposed by the carrier or fuel charges, you need to pay for changing your name on the current booking with this airline.

But, you may need to provide payment for name change in BA booking when you do through any third-party online travel agency. From using the information that is given here, know about How Much Is A BA Name Change? In addition, you should not forget that you can not change any BA booking that was made within 24 hours of the official departure time.

British Airways Customer Service Live Chat

British airways support is known for its professionalism in providing the required services to all its customers. You could easily connect with them by using the live chat option provided by BA support. This method is useful as it gives you an opportunity to connect with its customer service team to gain instant help.

BA live chat is one of the most valuable tools that allow you to know about the requirement in which you need to change the name of its passenger. If you are baffled about using the British Airways Live Chat and want to know more about it, give them a ring and let them know about the issue that you are facing.

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