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How do I Find my Flight Without a Confirmation Number?

How do I Find my Flight Without a Confirmation Number?

Kenya Airlines provides you with online check-in right after the booking on its official booking website. You can avoid the queues and save more time by checking your flight online quickly. You can choose the best seat and select one to book or add some vital baggage that you can do in the check-in time easily. So when you find something wrong with your flight ticket and looking for the check-in process, you need to enter the confirmation number and last name of the passenger so that you can find your flight details promptly. A confirmation number is required to enter during the manage booking and check-in process, and it allows you to enter the passenger's last name easily. If you forget the confirmation number, you can try booking a reference number or e-ticket number that you can use to check your flight details significantly. 

Is it possible to check your flight without a confirmation number?

Kenya Airlines allows you to cancel your flight ticket online when you don't want to travel at the specified date and time. It has a secured flight booking service, and you can cancel the flight when you cannot travel on a particular date. So, to send a cancellation or refund request, you need to enter the confirmation number. But if you forget it and want to know the possible way to check your flight details without a confirmation number (805) 626-7010, you can call the airline reservation department directly. You will contact a customer representative team to locate your reservation using your name and departure date, time, and city name. These resources can be the verification assistance to reach your airline and proceed with the task at your required time quickly.

How to find a flight without a confirmation number?

As for as concerned, the confirmation number assists you in accessing your reservation detail, but if you forget this number or you enter the wrong number, you need help from its customer service team. However, there can be some crucial changes that answer your questions about how do I find my flight without a confirmation number and use some basic tickets. You can find the confirmation number and a flight without entering the confirmation number quickly. Let's learn the fundamental trick provided by the expert team now.
Following are the ways to find a flight without a confirmation number.
  1. At first, ensure the internet browser is working fine and capable of visiting the booking website log-in page and entering the user ID and password to access it.
  2. Click on the manage booking tab to see the confirmation number to enter but leave that page and enter the correct date and time of booking.
  3. Enter the passenger's last name and choose the correct PNR number that assists you in checking your flight without entering the confirmation number. 
  4. You can also enter the departure city name and date and time to access your booking details and make specific modifications to your flight accordingly. 
Similarly, if you want to know the confirmation number, you need to visit the booking website page to check the flight status, enter the arriving and departing destination name, enter your travel date and flight number, and get a confirmation number quickly. If you want further assistance related to flight service, you can call the Kenya flight phone number available to assist you at your suitable time quickly. 

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