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How Much is a Flight Dispatcher Paid in Kenya?

How Much is a Flight Dispatcher Paid in Kenya?

Flight dispatcher is the highest-paid individual in the airlines. It facilitates the planning and the procedure of the flight, and it ensures the smooth departure of the flight. Many individuals want to pursue the course of flight dispatcher so that they can get a highly paid job. Flight dispatcher is known to be the most responsible job in the airlines, and everybody can’t handle it because flight dispatcher along with planning flight dispatchers, also ensures the safety of the flight. So before enrolling in the course, people want to know how much is a flight dispatcher paid in KenyaSo that they can decide that they want to go for it or not or they want to further build their career in it or not.

So as per the survey, a flight dispatcher in Kenya is paid Ksh. 133,700 per month on average that includes all the monthly allowances like housing, transportation, children, etc. It is a highly paid post. So before enrolling in the course, people should consider the highest-paid and highly responsible job. It is seen that many passengers want to know the Kenya airlines cancellation policy so that in case the person feels the need to cancel the flight, then it will fall under the cancellation policy. Below mentioned is the cancellation policy of Kenya airlines.

  1. If the airline cancels the flight- when the flight got canceled from the airlines end due to some exceptional or special circumstances, then the passenger is entitled to claim for two things either to claim a full refund without any additional charges or the passenger will get the option of rebooking the flight of the same destination along with the compensation of cancellation.
  2. If the passenger cancels the fight within 24hours of booking-it may happen that within 24hours of the ticket booking of the flight, the passenger may feel the need to cancel the ticket, so when such a situation arises, the passenger is eligible to get a full refund of the amount of the ticket without any cancellation charges.
  3. If the passenger cancels the flight after 24hours of booking- in case the passenger cancels the flight after 24hours of the booking, then the passenger needs to pay the cancellation as the penalty for the cancellation, and the rest ticket amount will be refunded.
  4. If the passenger cancels with a refundable ticket- in case the passenger booked the ticket that is refundable, the passenger is entitled to claim for a full refund without any cancellation charges. The passenger needs to pay some extra amount to book a refundable ticket in case the passenger wants to book it.

The above mentioned are the cancelation policy of Kenya airlines. Now the passenger can read the policy before canceling the flight so that they can make sure whether cancellation charges got attracted or not. If the passenger still feels any difficulty in the cancelation policy or any additional information, they can contact Kenya Airways contact Numbeand ask for the query or questions that they are facing related to cancellation policy or refund policy.


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