How To Avianca Airlines Manage Booking?

Avianca Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the western hemisphere. It has a rich legacy of the past combined with the present technology and human resources expertise. It offers the best in class services to its passengers. 

However, if you are looking for Avianca Airlines manage booking, you have landed precisely on the right page. This page makes you understand the process of how you can manage your booking at Avianca Airlines through its website.

Steps to manage your flight booking online

  1. Go to the official Avianca Airlines website on a web browser thart supports the Internet.
  2. Kindly locate the Manage my booking on the top of the webpage and click on it.
  3. In the dropdown, you need to enter your booking reference number and your last name.
  4. After which, your details related to the flight booking gets pulled up on the screen.
  5. Now, on this page, you can manage or modify your flight itinerary. 
  6. For instance, you can postpone your journey to a later date. 
  7. Avianca Airlines gives the facility of the name change, splitting the PNR number as well. 
  8. If the need arises, you can cancel your ticket and get a refund if the ticket is refundable.
  9. You can upgrade your seats to a higher class if you want extra legroom.
  10. You can order special services through the Manage my booking section; therefore, if you have any issues, kindly contact Avianca Airlines help desk number.

What can you do through manage booking section on Avianca airlines website?

How can you change a flight?

  1. Go to the Avianca Airlines website and select your Manage your reservation.
  2. Type in the reservation number and last name of the main passenger and click Continue.
  3. Once you have logged in, select the change your flight option by the Buy now button.
  4. There you can access your itinerary and mark the flights you wish to change with the departure date.
  5. Once you mark your flights, you can select the new flight's origin, destination, date, and time.
  6. Next, you see a list of available flights and the value of the fare difference if it applies. You may have a credit balance depending on the fare of the new flight.
  7. Check the entire summary of the change where the total amount to be paid is mentioned.
  8. Once you have the new itinerary, click on Continue to continue with the payment and confirm the flight change, and that is all you need. 

How can you select your seat in Avianca Airlines?

  1. Go to the website of Avianca Airlines and click on the Manage your booking section.
  2. Enter your last name and the booking reference number.
  3. Then the itinerary details get retrieved. Select the number of passengers you wish to select the seats for. 
  4. The page automatically redirects you to the seat selection map, where you can select the seat of your choice and click on the continue tab.

After which, you get a confirmation message on your mail and phone.

Therefore, through these ways, you can manage your booking online on Avianca Airlines; if you have any issues regarding the same, kindly contact Avianca Airlines phone number. Also, provide your feedback on your experience. 

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