What Are Kenya Airways Pet Policy?

Who does not have a soft corner for animals? Especially the dogs. People have made pets an integral part of their lives. Pets are taken care of like a family member. Pets have indeed made people’s lives so much fun and entertaining. 

People love their pets so much that they celebrate their birthdays, they have their photoshoots, and they even take their pets on holidays with them. Not only the holidays, people take their pets with them while they are travelling from one place to another. Travelling with pets becomes difficult when one is travelling via air. 

Earlier, airlines did not provide the option of travelling with pets. However, now you can travel with your pets and take them to and fro. Airlines offer some terms and conditions which you will have to follow while bringing your pet on the plane. Different airlines have different pet policies. Kenya Airways provides a very pet-friendly policy. So, have you booked a flight with Kenya Airways? Do you want to travel with your pet? If yes, then let’s get to know more about Kenya Airways pet policy. 

Pet Policy offered by Kenya Airways-

There are two conditions for live animals provided by Kenya Airways-

  1. Kenya Airways flights do not allow live animals as Checked-in Animal in Hold or Pet in Cabin. 
  2. On Kenya Airways, live animals will only be consigned as cargo. 
  3. These two conditions are not applicable on service or emotional support dogs.

Terms and conditions for Service and Emotional dogs under Kenya Airlines pet reservations policy-

  1. Service and Emotional dogs are allowed free of charge. 
  2. If they do not occupy seats and are harnessed properly, then they are allowed in the cabin without any cage/kennel. 
  3. Service or emotional dogs must be trained to behave in a well defined manner. An animal with riotous behaviour will not be accepted as a service animal even if it performs the functions of a service dog. 
  4. The animal seat will be at the feet of the passenger. 
  5. Service or emotional dogs must not obstruct the aisle. 
  6. Reservation is needed to be made in advance with PNR “ESAN”.
  7. To inform the crew, information must be made available in PIL. 
  8. Service and emotional dogs will be allowed in the cabin if they are providing assistance to a person with any disability like blindness, or a person with mental disorder. 
  9. Passengers who will need an emotional or service dog will have to provide the certificate stating that the pet is treating the passenger. 
  10. A health certificate of the pet stating that it is sound to travel and does not carry any communicable disease is going to be needed. 
  11. When the temperature at the departure airport is above 84 F, Kenya Airways might refuse to board your pet as checked baggage or cargo. 

These are some of the terms and conditions offered by Kenya Airways under its pet policy. You may visit the official website of Kenya Airways for additional information or call on Kenya Airlines phone number in case of any help.

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