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Know All About United Airlines Baggage Policy & Fee

Know All About United Airlines Baggage Policy & Fee

United Airlines is a major American Airline that is engaged to operate large domestic and international route network. It is a founding member of Star Alliance and also operates regional services under the brand name United Express. It presents its passengers with world-class services along with luxurious facilities. United Airlines provides a pretty fair baggage policy for the ease of passengers.

Planned your journey on United Airlines and seeking information regarding the baggage allowance?  Well, go through the article to get the complete package of information about United Airlines baggage policy and the associated fee.

United Airlines carry on baggage allowance:

Passengers traveling on United Airlines are allowed to carry one personal item for free. The dimensions of carry-on baggage should not exceed 17″ x 10″ x 9″. The airline allows carrying one standard carry-on bag without paying any additional fee.

  • Passengers traveling with an infant in United Airlines are permitted to carry infant items on-board such as diaper bags, Breast pumps, and government approved child seat on the flight.

  • The airline also permits one stroller and one car seat per child without any fee. These items must be checked at the departure gate.

  • All carry on baggage must be placed in the overhead bin in the flight.

  • Travelers are allowed to carry items like a jacket, duty-free bags, umbrella, and assistive devices such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, child restraint seats, that do not count towards the carry-on allowance.

United Airlines checked baggage allowance:

Keeping in mind about the concern and conveniences of passengers, United Airlines allows the passengers to carry checked baggage items in the flights.

  • As per the United airlines baggage policy, passengers traveling in the Economy and Premium economy class are permitted to carry bags with the maximum weight limit of 50lb.

  • For the business class and first class passengers, the maximum allowance is 70lbs with the linear dimensions of 62 inches.

  • The items should not exceed the maximum weight allowance of the airline. In case of carrying extra baggage than the allowance, passengers are charged an additional fee.

United Airlines excess baggage fee:

Safety and convenience are the main concern of United Airlines and therefore it forbids the passengers to carry excess baggage. In case of carrying extra baggage, United Airlines will charge an amount depending upon the fare rule.

  • On the basis of United airlines baggage Fee for extra bags, the airline costs $150 each bag after first two checked bags.

  • The airline charges different amounts to the passengers traveling on US domestic flights and US Mexico and Europe flights.

  • If the weight limit exceeds from 51 to 70 pounds then the airline will cost $100 USD to $200 USD extra per bag.

  • If the weight of the bag exceeds more than 71 pounds then the passengers are charged $400 USD per bag.

In the case of carrying sports items, the fee will depend upon the type of equipment. Sports equipment such as Skis, fishing equipment, hockey, golf bags, and lacrosse are considered one item.

For further information regarding the baggage allowance of United Airlines, passengers can directly contact the airlines customer support team. Also, one can grab information over the phone by dialing United Airlines helpline number, anytime round the clock.

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