No one imagined that humans could fly, but the onset of airplanes have made it possible for humans to fly. Not only fly, but they can literally touch the clouds and travel from one place to another in a short span of time. Air travel has opened the gates to a whole new world of transportation. 

Air travel is comfortable, convenient and now it is affordable as well. Most airlines are offering flight discounts, flexible flight changes and cancellation policy. With some airlines, you can also select your seat in advance. A number of exciting offers are introduced by airlines every now and then. One thing that most of the airlines lack is the name change policy. 

You cannot easily change names on your flight with most of the airlines. If you have booked a flight with Kenya Airways, chances are less that you will be allowed to change name on your flight. However, you can enjoy other flexible policies offered by Kenya Airways. Well, without further ado, let’s get to know more about  Kenya airways name change policy.

Why would you want to change the name on your flight ticket?

  1. Sometimes, while booking a flight, you can enter a wrong letter in your name. It won’t come to your notice until you print your boarding pass. 
  2. So, when you enter a wrong name on your flight ticket, you would want to change or edit your name to avoid any discomfort on your trip with the airline. 
  3. However, you can only change a name on the flight ticket if your fare or the airline’s policy allows you to. 

Can you change the name on a Kenya Airways flight ticket? 

  1. No, you cannot change the name on a Kenya Airways flight ticket. Kenya Airways does not allow you to change the name on a ticket, or transfer your ticket to a friend or a family member. 
  2. No matter what fare booking you have made, you cannot change name on a flight ticket with Kenya Airways. 

Can you edit the name on a Kenya Airways flight ticket?

  1. If you have entered an incorrect name on your flight ticket, then Kenya Airways allows you to edit your name. 
  2. You can contact the Global Contact Centers of Kenya Airways or the local offices to correct a name in the booking you have made. 
  3. You will have to pay a fee to edit your name and policy will be subjected to some rules. 

Kenya Airways Customer Service-

If it is urgent to change a name on your flight ticket and you will have to bear huge loss if your name is not changed on the ticket, then you can contact the customer service of Kenya Airways.

  1. Online- You can visit the official website of Kenya Airways, and reach the Customer Support section to get online help on the topic. 
  2. Via mail- You can also send an email to Kenya Airways describing your problem and urgency, and they will reply to you back with the possible solution to the problem. 

Follow the above mentioned steps to contact Kenya Airways in case of an emergency. You can also call on Kenya Airways phone number to speak to a help agent and get a prompt solution.

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