What Happens If I Cancel My Finnair Flight?

That depends on what fare typed you have booked and whether you have booked a refundable or non-refundable flight Finnair Flight ticket. If the passenger booked a basic economy flight ticket, the passenger is not allowed to cancel a flight ticket for a refund after the 24-hour window from when they booked a flight ticket. 

If the passenger has a non-refundable Finnair flight ticket, then, he will be required to pay some amount of cash for domestic and international flight ticket fees range from $200 to $500 depending on the length of the route of the flight, afterward,  and the passenger will receive a remaining fare, minus the charges in the form of an e-credit for use as a future flight. 

Suppose the passenger has a Finnair refundable ticket or flexes flight ticket. In that case, the passenger can cancel anytime before the departure of the flight and get a refund on the original payment method. 

Finnair refund Fee

If the passenger made a flight reservation seven days before the flight scheduled departure time, you could cancel the flight within 24 hours from the flight without a Finnair refund fee, Most user fees and taxes are refundable, but there are some exceptions. Services fees and credit card charges are not refundable. 

Finnair Cancellation allows the customers to cancel the flight and apply for a refund in case the passenger can not travel due to unavoidable reasons. Cancellation cover applies only to the original fare and any additional travel taxes provided by Finnair for those passengers that are not able to travel because of sickness or accident occurs after the departure of the flight cancellation covers the price of the return flight ort the equivalent of the amount of the total flight fare. 

The binding nature of the Cancellation is continuously assessed based on different reasons such as medical reasons. Please note that you must provide a valid medical certification along with your refund application form.


  1. The flight amount is for customers who are not able to travel due to sudden sickness, death, sudden accident, another traveler in the same flight,  or a close family member. 
  2. The customers of any prepaid Finnair travel extras, including extra baggage, seats, pre-order meals Finnair lounge access, and the flight-related extras provided by Finnair. 
  3. If the cancellation occurs due to pregnancy-related complications, the flight ticket price until the end of the 36th week of pregnancy. 


  1. The passenger must cancel the flight ticket booking before the flight’s scheduled departure time that will not be used, and the passenger can cancel the flight ticket on the Finnair website or through Finnair customer service. 
  2. The passenger can apply for the refund by filling online refund application on the Finnair website. You need to include a copy of your medical certificate, including the sickness or accident and duration of it. If the reason od the caCancellationationllation is death, an official certificate, or some other reliable clearance. 
  3. The refund claim request must be sent within three months of the original department date of accident and sickness and within six months from original departure date in case of the death. 

Finnair handles all the medical details of the passenger related to the flight Cancellation with extra care and all details will be destroyed after the refund handling process has been done.  For further information about What happens if I cancel my Finnair flight? Contact the airline customer service team through the Finnair phone number and speak with a representative. They will help you with your queries in no time. 

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